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Case Solutions/ Notes for Team and Concepts Ltd. Managing the Growth of a Small Business, by Ali Farhoomand, Mary Ho

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Team and Concepts Ltd. (TnC), an IT company founded by David Lee and his partners in 2003, was not a typical small business. Its owners were innovative, business-savvy entrepreneurs with audacious goa... ls who worked daily to grow the business and transform it into a successful company. Such a transformation required comprehensive changes in many aspects of the business. Facilitating this transition required enhanced managerial, financial, marketing, and R&D capacities. In 2004, the company was facing the challenge of working with new investors and partners who would likely set conditions for the business and require it to adopt new behaviors and a new management structure. TnC was also exploring the trade-offs between acquiring outside funds and retaining control to make wise decisions about its future strategy. [Show More]

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