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1. Which of the following is a difference between embezzlement and larceny? Embezzlement is an unintentional tort, whereas larceny is a nonintent crime. Embezzlement is the stealing of property by a... person to whom the property was entrusted, whereas larceny is the stealing of property by a person not entrusted with it. Embezzlement is usually punishable by the payment of monetary damages, whereas larceny is usually punishable by the death penalty. Embezzlement is the snatching of personal property from a person’s home, whereas larceny is the snatching of personal property from a person on the street. 2. Workers’ compensation is defined as the: insurance obtained by employees from private insurance companies and government-sponsored programs. remuneration awarded to employees and their families when the employees are injured on the job. set of programs mandated by the government to ensure safety in places of work. system that provides retirement and death benefits to covered employees and their dependents. 3. Corporate officers are best described as: directors elected by a corporation’s shareholders. owners of a corporation with limited liability for its debts and obligations. employees appointed to manage the daily operations of a corporation. partners pursuing a joint venture transaction 4. Which of the following scenarios is an example of law and ethics contradicting each other? An iron-ore manufacturing company provides its employees with high-quality safety equipment. [Show More]

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