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Capstone B Focused Review. Most occuring content in exam. Ideal for last minute read.

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Capstone B Focused Review Crisis management: Crisis Intervention for Intimate Partner Abuse • Initial task of the nurse is to promote a sense of safety by assessing the client’s potential for su... icide or homicide o Initiate hospitalization to protect clients who have suicidal or homicidal thoughts o Prioritize interventions to address the client’s physical needs first • Initial interventions include: o Identifying the current problem and directing interventions for resolution o Taking an active, directive role with the client o Helping the client to set realistic, attainable goals • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing is a group approach that can be used with a group of people who have been exposed to a crisis situation. • Assist the client with the development of the following type of action plan: o Short-term, no longer than 24 to 72 hours o Focused on the crisis o Realistic and manageable Disorders of the Eye: Evaluating a Client’s Understanding of Cataract Removal • Surgical incision is made, and the lens is either removed in one piece, or in several pieces, after being broken up using sound waves. The posterior capsule is retained. A replacement or intraocular lens is inserted. Replacement lenses can correct refractive errors, resulting in improved vision. o Post-op care:  Preventing an increase in intraocular pressure  Preventing infection  Administering ophthalmic medications  Providing pain relief  Teaching the client about self-care at home and fall prevention o Client education  Wear sunglasses while outside or in brightly lit areas  Report signs of infection (yellow or green drainage)  Avoid activities that increase IOP • Bending over at the waist • Sneezing • Coughing • Straining • Head hyperflexion • Restrictive clothing, such as tight shirt collar • Sexual intercourse [Show More]

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