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CHEM 120 Unit 6 Lab: OL Lab 11: Carbohydrates: The Sugars That Feed Us (GRADED A)

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CHEM 120 Unit 6 Lab: OL Lab 11: Carbohydrates: The Sugars That Feed Us Learning objectives Explain the molecular structure of sugars and polysaccharides Explain digestion and appreciate the compl... exity of the human body Experiment with different foods and measure their impact on the blood sugar level Introduction Most people are familiar with carbohydrates, especially when it comes to what we eat. For example, to lose weight, some individuals adhere to “low-carb” diets. Athletes, in contrast, often “carbohydrate-load” before important competitions to ensure that they have enough energy to compete at a high level. Different types of carbohydrates Carbohydrates are an essential part of a diet because they provide energy to the body. Grains, fruits, and vegetables are all-natural sources of carbohydrates for energy. These foods consist of both soluble and insoluble carbohydrates. The insoluble part is known as fiber, which is mostly cellulose. Learn how carbohydrates are digested Your goal in the carbohydrates lab is to learn how carbohydrates are digested and utilized by the body as an energy source. Use the in-lab molecule visualizer to study the chemical structure of sugars and learn the basics of molecule structures and chemical formulas. You will also perform a real experiment and get a sense of how the amylase breaks down starch. A 3D animation will demonstrate the molecular process of carbohydrate digestion. Test the effect on blood glucose levels You will find that the effect on the blood glucose level is very different, depending on the food composition. In this lab you will choose different food items and measure the increase of glucose levels in the blood of a virtual test subject. Will you be able to use your carbohydrates knowledge to figure out which foods will cause a spike in the blood glucose levels? Part 1: Complete Labster Lab: Carbohydrates: The sugars that feed us Part 2: Report and Reflection Purpose: Describe in complete sentences and in your own words, the purpose of this experiment. Observations: Record three observations from the simulation. Answer the questions below: Complete the table below: (2 points) Describe, in your own words, the main functions of carbohydrates in the body. Reflection: Consider what you learned from this simulation. Reflect on three to four key concepts that you learned in this lab exercise. How could the lessons learned in this virtual lab relate to a real world situation in the community/world or your future career? Be specific in your answer (this should require 5-10 sentences). [Show More]

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