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NR 506 Week 6 Graded Discussion Topic; Using the Media: Session

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NR 506 Week 6 TD Given the power of the media, discuss how you would use an opinion editorial, a personal interview, websites, texting, Facebook, Twitter, and/or blogs to influence public opinion r... elative to your policy priority. What issues about media and electronic social networking do you need to consider? Why? The use of social media has increased significantly over the last ten years. According to Leroy, Harber, and Revere (2016), since Twitter started six years ago, approximately fifteen percent of the population worldwide subscribes to it. Did you ever think you would see Twitter being used as a communication sounding board for a presidential election? I certainly did not. So the thought of using it as a way to get health information to the public does not sound so crazy. When used correctly, social media is an important tool that medical professionals can use to disperse important information to the public and professional organizations can advertise products and make their viewpoints known. Nurses are upheld to a higher standard, we are expected and should apply our knowledge to helping the community. This means nurses must also change with and adapt to the times, which encompasses educating the community via social media networks. Personally, even though technically I am considered a millennial, I am not super fond of social media. I understand that it can be an effective tool but it can also be detrimental, which is probably why I usually just avoid it. Medical professionals must be extra careful not to cross the fine line between positive effects and negative effects. A big issue for medical professionals is that we must remain professional and uphold patient confidentiality laws. Honestly, I know very little about Twitter. That being said, it seems to me as a good platform to promote my policy priority of smoking cessation. I feel that using Twitter would be the best way to reach my target population. Aside from teenagers, I would target the general public and the healthcare community as well. In doing so, this would expose my policy to an even larger target audience, which can help increase awareness of the issue and hopefully better the odds my policy being approved. Leroy, G., Harber, P., & Revere, D. (2016). Public sharing of medical advice using social media: An Analysis of Twitter. Grey Journal (TGJ), 12(2), 104-113. http://proxy.chamberlain.edu:8080/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx? direct=true&db=lih&AN=115956271&site=eds-live&scope=site This study source was downloaded by 100000831988016 from CourseHero.com on 05-02-2022 06:53:50 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/18439639/NR-506-Week-6-TD/ PEER: The power of social media these days is extraordinary. Approximately fifteen to twenty years ago, health promotion or any sort of marketing was conducted via printed items such as newspapers, magazines, flyers, postcards, and some internet advertising. Nowadays, the internet is useful but there are a lot of stipulations involved with it. For starters, you have to have an attention grabbing and highly functioning website for most people to stay on it longer than a minute. You also must work hard to think of all the key terms people may use to search information, such as health related information, or products. It can be a challenge to use social media however, once it is learned it can be one of your biggest tools. Nursing has the opportunity to spread a wealth of knowledge via social media. The work has already begun but we must make sure it continues. We must also make sure to stay up to date and relevant to how society is using social media. You have chosen a policy-priority issue that would be well received via social media. Thank you for your post. INSTRUCTOR: Thank you for the post. I think it is wise to use caution when using social media as a professional any time. As you post, 'things can spread like wildfire'. Why do you think that so [Show More]

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