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Do you have any abdominal pain? I’m sorry you’re having these symptoms; it sounds like you’re under great discomfort. It’s good that you came in today so we can discuss how to alleviate you... r discomfort and improve your gastrointestinal health." EMPATHIZE Are you able to have a bowel movement? Can you tell me who you are? Do you know where you are right now? Do you know why you are here today? What is the date and year? How long have you had stomach pain Has the stomach pain changed? Where is your discomfort located? Is the pain in a specific spot? Do yo have pain on your sides? How would you rate your pain on a scale of one to ten? How would you rate your pain at its lowest/ worst? Can you describe the pain Is yor pain constatnt? Dose your pain fluctuate? What relieves your pain beside medication? Have you taken medication for the stomach pain? Have you taken laxatives? Dose eating aggravate the pain? Does physical activity aggravate the pain? How has your illness affected your daily life? Have you had low energy? Are you constipated right now? For low ong have you been constipated? Have you had diarrhea recently? How long ago did you get diarrhea? Did the diarrhea happen suddenly? How long did you diarrhea last? Has there been mucus in your stool? Has there been blood in your stool? Have you have any changes in the frequency of your urination? Has your urine been darker recently? Have you had blood in your urine? Have you been thristier latetly? Have you had changes in your fluid intake? How many glasses of water do you drink daily? Do you drink caffeinated beverages? Are you typically constipated? How many bowel movement do ou typically have per week? Are your stools typically brown/formed/soft? Do you have a allergy?(latex)/ are you allergic to any medications?/ do you have any food allergies? Do you have a primary care doctor? When was your last pap smear? Do you feel you are healthy? Have you had a colonoscopy? Have you every been tested for STIs? Have you had STI symptoms? Are you sexually active? Do you have HTN? Do you take HTN medication? What medication do you take for your HTN? What does is your HTN medication? When do you take your HTN medication? Do you take any over the counter medication? Did you have any complications during pregnancy? At what age did you have a c-sections? Have you had your cholecystectomy? = have you had your gallbladder removed? At what age did you have your gallbladder removed? Did you have any complications after your surgery? Do you have difficulty “getting on and off the toilet?/ dressing yourself?/feeding yourself?/ walking?/ bathing yourself?/ getting in and out of chairs?” What was your last meal? How many meals do you typically eat per day? What doyou typically eat for a snack? What do you usually eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? Do you take fiber supplement? Do you think you get enough fiber? What source of fiber do you eat? Do you eat fruit? How much do you drink water per a day? "It’s a really healthy practice to be drinking water every day, and it’s great that you are! You have room to drink even a few more glasses per day, or as much as is comfortable. This would help prevent dehydration and increase your overall health, especially in your gastrointestinal system." "Thanks for telling me about your diet. The USDA recommends that adults eat around 28 grams of fiber per day, which is several servings of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Enough fiber can help regulate your digestive system and prevent gastrointestinal upsets, so let’s talk about ways you might increase your fiber intake." Do you stay active? What is your typical activ [Show More]

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