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Course Syllabus RNSG 1430 – Health Care Concepts I Revision Date: 8/2015 Texas Concept-Based Curriculum Fall 2015 Course Name: Health Care Concepts I Course Number: RNSG 1430 Semester Credit ... Hours: 4 Lecture Hours per week: 3 Lab Hours per week: 4 Contact Hours per Semester: 112 State Approval Code: CIP 51.3801 Prerequisites: Admission to the nursing program or administrative approval Co-requisites: RNSG 1216, 1125, 1128, and 1160 Course Description In-depth coverage of foundational health care concepts with application through selected exemplars. Concepts include comfort, diversity, elimination, functional ability, human development, mobility, nutrition, sensory perception, sleep, thermoregulation, grief, and tissue integrity. Emphasizes development of clinical judgment skills in the beginning nurse. This course lends itself to a conceptbased approach. Core Competencies - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - vi) Work with Diversity: work well with men and women from diverse backgrounds. Examples: collaborate with a group member to solve a problem; work through a group conflict situation, train a colleague; deal with a dissatisfied customer in person; select and use appropriate leadership styles; use effective delegation techniques; conduct an individual or team negotiation; demonstrate an understanding of how people from different cultural backgrounds might behave in various situations. c) Information: A worker must be able to acquire and use information. i) Acquire and Evaluate Information. ii) Organize and Maintain Information. iii) Interpret and Communicate Information. iv) Use Computers to Process Information. Examples: research and collect data from various sources; develop a form to collect data; develop an inventory record-keeping system; produce a report using graphics; make an oral presentation using various media; use on-line computer data bases to research a report; use a computer spreadsheet to develop a budget. d) Systems: A worker must understand complex interrelationships. i) Understand Systems: know how social, organizational, and technological systems work and operate effectively with them. ii) Monitor and Correct Performance: distinguish trends, predict impacts on system operations, diagnose deviations in systems' performance and correct malfunctions. iii) Improve or Design Systems: suggest modifications to existing systems and develop new or alternative systems to improve performance. Examples: draw and interpret an organizational chart; develop a monitoring process; choose a situation needing improvement, break it down, examine it, propose an improvement, and implement it. e) Technology: A worker must be able to work with a variety of technologies. i) Select Technology: choose procedures, tools or equipment including computers and related technologies. ii) Apply Technologies to Task: understand overall intent and proper procedures for setup and operation of equipment. iii) Maintain and Troubleshoot Equipment: Prevent, identify, or solve problems with equipment, including computers and other technologies. Examples: read equipment descriptions and technical specifications to select equipment to meet needs; set up and assemble appropriate equipment from instructions; read and follow directions for troubleshooting and repairing equipment [Show More]

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