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Shadow Health Focused Exam:UTI With Antibiotic Sensitivity (Documentation)

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Documentation / Electronic Health Record Documentation: Provider Notes Student Documentation Model Documentation Subjective pee a lot 21 y.o. F c/o of buring urination and lower abdominal pain th... at started 3 days ago. Buring urination and lower abdominal pain every time she urinates. Pt stated stinging, burning pain at the urethra seven out of 10 and lower abdomen cramps during urination. Urine described as a little dark, brown, cloudy, and foul-smelling. Increased urination frequency. Urination makes the pain worse. Drinking less water to prevent frequent urination makes it better. Pt has been taking cranberry supplement 3 days ago but symptoms have not changed. Denies incontinence. Pt has seasonal allergies, penicillin allergies, and resistant to sulfamethoxasole/trimethoprim. Reactions to penicillin include red, ithchy rash, sick to her stomach, and vomiting. Pt has no existing health conditions. She is currently taking loratdine 10 mg tab once a day for allergies and ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate 28pack pill once every morning for 3 years. She is sexually active with 1 partner and had sex 4 days ago without urinating after sex. Pt uses birth control and partner uses condom and spermicide as contraceptives. Her last menstrual period was 2.5 weeks ago and is regular. She denies using recreational drugs, nicotine, and tobacco. She had tried weed once and drinks wine or beer 1-2 glasses a week. She denies fever, night sweats, chills, fatigue, and weight loss. She has not been sleeping well. (No Model Documentation Provided) Objective (No Documentation Made) (No Model Documentation Provided) Your Results Turn In (/assignment_attempts/7379321/choos Reopen (/assignment_attempts/7379321/reopen Lab Pass (/assignment_attempts/7379321/lab_pass.p Overview Transcript Subjective Data Collection Objective Data Collection Education & Empathy Documentation Debrief Medication Selection Patient Teaching Prescription Writing Documentation: Provider Notes Comments Support This study source was downloaded by 100000831988016 from CourseHero.com on 05-07-2022 05:35:40 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/65678954/Focused-Exam-UTI-with-Antibiotic-Sensitivity-Documentationpdf/ 7/25/2020 Focused Exam: UTI with Antibiotic Sensitivity | Completed | Shadow Health https://app.shadowhealth.com/assignment_attempts/7379321 2/2 If your instructor provides individual feedback on this assignment, it will appear here. © Shadow Health 2012 - 2020 (800) 860-3241 | Help Desk (https://support.shadowhealth.com/) | Terms of Service (/static/terms_of_service) | Privacy Policy (/static/privacy_policy) | Patents (https://www.shadowhealth.com/patents) [Show More]

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Shadow Health Focused Exam:UTI With Antibiotic Sensitivity (Bundle)

Shadow Health Focused Exam:UTI With Antibiotic Sensitivity (Bundle)

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