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A parent of a 14 month-old is sharing concerns with the nurse. Which statement by a parent would alert a nurse to assess for iron-deficiency anemia in the toddler? "My child doesn't like many fruits ... and vegetables, but really loves milk." "I can't understand why my child is not eating as much as four months ago." "My child doesn't drink a whole glass of juice or water at one time." "I know there is a problem since my baby is always constipated." (ANS - About two to three cups of milk a day are sufficient for the young child's needs. Sometimes excess milk intake, a habit carried over from infancy, may exclude many solid foods from the diet. As a result, the child may lack iron and develop a so-called milk anemia. Although the majority of infants with iron deficiency are underweight, many are overweight because of excessive milk ingestion. A nurse is teaching about nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs) to a group of clients diagnosed with arthritis. The nurse should emphasize which of these actions to minimize a side effect of these drugs? Continue to take aspirin for short-term pain relief Use alcohol in moderation when driving or operating heavy machinery Take the medication after meals or with food Report joint stiffness in the morning (ANS - Taking NSAIDs after meals or with food should help to minimize gastric irritation. The client should also take the medication with a full glass of water and remain in an upright position for 15 to 30 minutes after administration. Clients should be cautioned to avoid concurrent use of aspirin or alcohol with these medications to minimize possible gastric irritation; three or more glasses of alcohol per day may increase the risk of GI bleeding. The clinic nurse is counseling a postpartum client who has a substance-abuse problem and is at risk for continued cocaine use. In order to provide continuity of care, which nursing diagnosis should be a priority? Altered parenting Social isolation Ineffective coping Sexual dysfunction (ANS - Altered parenting The mother who abuses cocaine puts her newborn and any other children at risk for neglect and abuse. The continued use of drugs has the potential to impact parenting behaviors. Social service referrals are indicated for evaluation and follow-up. The clinic nurse is assisting with medical billing. The nurse uses the DRG (Diagnosis Related Group) manual for which purpose? a. Determine reimbursement for a medical diagnosis b. Identify findings related to a medical diagnosis c. Classify nursing diagnoses from the client's health history d. Implement nursing care based on case management protocol (ANS - a. Determine reimbursement for a medical diagnosis DRGs are the basis of prospective payment plans for reimbursement for Medicare clients. Other insurance companies often use it as a standard for determining payment. The nurse is caring for a client who is experiencing frightening hallucinations that are markedly increased at night. The client's partner asks to stay a few hours beyond the visiting time, in the client's private room. What would be the best response by the nurse? a."Yes, staying with the client and orienting the client to the surroundings may decrease any anxiety." b."No, your presence may cause the client to become more anxious." c. "No, it would be best if you brought the client some reading material that the client could read at night." d. "Yes, would you like to spend the night when the client's behavior indicates that the client is or will be frightened?" (ANS - A."Yes, staying with the client and orienting the client to the surroundings may decrease any anxiety." Encouragement of a family member or a close friend to stay with the client in a quiet surrounding cannot only help increase orientation, but can also minimize confusion and anxiety. The visitor could also report to the nurse any unusual findings of the client. This would be the most supportive approach for this client. A client diagnosed with angina has been instructed about the use of sublingual nitroglycerin. Which statement made by the client is incorrect and indicates a need for further teaching? a. "I'll call the health care provider if pain continues after three tablets five minutes apart." b. "I will rest briefly right after taking one tablet." c. "I understand that the medication should be kept in the dark bottle." d. "I can swallow two or three tablets at once if I have severe pain." (ANS - d. "I can swallow two or three tablets at once if I have severe pain." [Show More]

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