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What is the Trauma Assessment Mnemonic? - ✔✔ A = Airway with simultaneous cervical spine stabilization/immobilization B = Breathing C = Circulation D = Disability (neurologic status) E = Exp... ose patient/Environmental Control F = Full set of VS/Focused Adjuncts/Facilitate Family Presence G = Give comfort measures H = History/Head-to-toe assessment I = Inspect posterior surfaces What is assessed in Airway while simultaneously protecting the cervical spine? - Assess: - Vocalization - Tongue obstructing airway - Loose teeth, foreign objects - Blood, vomitus, other secretions - Edema Interventions: - Position pt - Jaw thrust/Chin lift - Remove foreign objects - Suction blood, vomitus, secretions - Insert oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal airway - Needle or surgical cricothyrotomy What is assessed in Breathing? - ✔✔Assess:- Spontaneous breathing - Rise and fall of chest - Rate and pattern of breathing - Use of accessory muscles/Diaphragmatic breathing - Skin color - Integrity of soft tissue and bony structures of chest wall - Bilateral breath sounds Interventions: - Supplemental oxygen - Bag-Mask ventilation - Needle thoracentesis/Decompression - Chest tube - Nonporous dsg taped on 3 sides What is assessed in Circulation? - ✔✔Assess: - Palpates central pulse for rate and quality - Skin color, temperature and moisture - External bleeding Interventions: - Direct pressure over uncontrolled bleeding sites - Insert 2 large caliber IV's with warmed isotonic crystalloid solution - Infuses fluid rapidly with blood tubing - Blood sampling for typing - Blood administration - Pericardiocentesis - Emergency thoracotomy - Surgery - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and advanced life support measures [Show More]

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