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Shadow Health- Brian Foster- Focused Exam: Chest Pain with complete solution

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Shadow Health- Brian Foster- Focused Exam: Chest Pain with complete solution Established chief complaint Answer-Reports chest pain Asked about onset and duration of chest pain Answer-Reports chest pa... in started about five minutes ago Reports chest pain has been constant since it began Reports sitting in bed when pain began Asked to rate chest pain on a scale Answer-Reports current pain is 6/10 Asked about on characteristics of the pain Answer-Describes pain as tight and uncomfortable Denies crushing pain Denies gnawing or tearing pain Denies burning pain Asked about location of the pain Answer-Reports pain location is in middle of the chest Reports slight pain in left shoulder Denies arm pain Denies back pain Denies jaw pain Denies neck pain Asked about pain triggers Answer-Reports pain is aggravated by movement Asked about stress and anxiety Answer-Reports generally low stress lifestyle Denies history of anxiety Denies history of panic attacks Asked relevant health history Answer-Reports high blood pressure Reports high cholesterol Denies history of pulmonary embolism Denies history of angina Denies history of rheumatic fever Denies history of heart murmur Followed up on high blood pressure treatment Answer-Reports taking high blood pressure medication Reports high blood pressure medication is Lisinopril High blood pressure medication dose is 20mg High blood pressure medication is taken once daily Followed up on high cholesterol treatment Answer-Reports taking high cholesterol medication Reports high cholesterol medication is Atorvastatin (Lipitor) Reports high cholesterol medication dose is 20mg Reports high cholesterol medication is taken once daily Asked history of cardiac tests Answer-Reports recent EKG test Reports annual stress test Asked about results of cardiac tests Answer-Reports belief that EKG was normal Reports belief that stress test was normal Asked about substance use Answer-Denies illicit drug use Denies tobacco use Reports moderate alcohol consumption Followed up on alcohol consumption Answer-Reports drinking only on weekends Reports drinking 2-4 alcoholic drinks per week Reports 2-3 drinks in a single sitting Asked about exercise Answer-Denies having a regular exercise routine Asked about most recent meal Answer-Reports most recent meal was previous night at 8 p.m Reports meal consisted of buffalo wings Asked about typical diet Answer-Reports typical breakfast is granola bar and instant breakfast shake Reports typical lunch is turkey sub Reports typical dinner is grilled meat and vegetables Denies moderating salt intake Asked about review of cardiovascular system Answer-Denies palpitations Denies swelling Denies circulation problems Denies blood clots Denies easy bleeding Denies easy bruising Asked about constitutional health Answer-Denies fever Denies chills Denies fatigue Denies sleep issues Denies recent weight changes Denies night sweats Denies dizziness or lightheadedness Asked about review of respiratory system Answer-Denies cough Denies shortness of breath while lying down Denies blue skin Asked about throat problems Answer-Denies sore throat Denies difficulty swallowing Asked about review of gastrointestinal system Answer-Denies diarrhea Denies constipation Denies flatus Denies bloating Denies heartburn or GERD Reports earlier nausea Denies vomiting Asked relevant family history Answer-Reports family history of heart attack Denies family history of stroke Denies family history of pulmonary embolism [Show More]

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