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BIOL 235 Midterm Exam 2 With Complete Solution(100% Verified) 185 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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between the origin and insertion which is usually located proximally in limbs ? - ✔✔Origin 2. What happens during REVERSE MUSCLE ACTION? - ✔✔specific movements of the body the actions are re... versed THEREFOR the positions of the origin and insertion of a muscle are switched 3. What is a mechanical advantage using the example of a lever? - ✔✔if the load is closer to the fulcrum and the effort is farther from the fulcrum only a small about of effort is needed to move the load 4. Bones serve as levers and joints serve as ________ for the lever - ✔✔fulcrum 5. Agonist (Prime Movers) _________ muscles while antagonist ____________ muscles - ✔✔contract, relax 6. What are muscles that contract and stabilize the intermediate joints called? - ✔✔synergists 7. What is a group of skeletal muscles, their blood vessels, and nerves called? - ✔✔Compartment 8. Origin an insertion of the masseter - ✔✔Origin = maxilla and zygomatic arch Insertion = angle and ramus of the mandible 9. What is the origin of the deltoid ? - ✔✔acromial extremity of clavicle, acromion, and spine of scapula 10. What are the 3 muscles that make up the hamstring ? - ✔✔semimebranosous, semitendinosus, biceps femoris11. What 4 muscles make up the Quads ? - ✔✔rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedialis 12. What do you call a small mass of nervous tissue that is made up primarily of neuron cell bodies? - ✔✔Ganglia 13. The somatic nervous system only sends impulses to ________ muscles - ✔✔skeletal 14. Fight or Flight is associated with which division of the autonomic nervous system? - ✔✔Sympathetic 15. What is the ability to respond to a stimulus and convert it into an action potential? - ✔✔electrical excitability 16. What type of neurons usually have several dendrite and on axon , and are norm ally found in brain and spinal cord as well as motor neurons? - ✔✔Multipolar 17. What type of neurons have one main dendrite and one axon as well as are primarily found in the retina of the eye, inner ear, and the olfactory area of brain? - ✔✔Bipolar 18. What type of neurons has dendrites and one axon that are fused together to form a continuous process that emerges from the cell body? - ✔✔Unipolar or Pseudounipolar 19. The processes of ________ make contact with blood capillaries, neurons, and the pia mater - ✔✔astrocytes 20. What neuroglia has these functions? 1. contain microfilaments that give them strength and allow them to support neurons 2. contributes to the effectiveness of BBB embyro, they secret chemicals that regulate things [Show More]

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