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NRNP 6560 Midterm Exam Review Latest 2022 Already graded A+

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Surgery risk classes -----Class 1: benefits outweigh risk, should be done Class 2a: reasonable to perform Class 2b: should be considered Class 3: rarely appropriate General rules for surgery: test... ing -----ECG before surgery only if coronary disease, except when low risk surgery Stress test not indicated before surgery Do not do prophylactic coronary revascularization Meds before surgery ------ Diabetic agents: Use insulin therapy to maintain glycemic goals(iii) Discontinue biguanides, alpha glucosidase inhibitors, thiazolidinediones, sulfonylureas, and GLP-1 agonists - Do not start aspirin before surgery - Stop Warfarin 5 days before surgery. May be bridged with Lovenox. - Do not stop statin before surgery - Do not start beta-blocker on day of surgery, but may continue Assessment of surgical risk ------ Unstable cardiac condition (recent MI, active angina, active HF, uncontrolled HTN, severe valvular disease), concern with CAD, CHF. arrhythmia, CVD - patient stable or unstable? - urgency of the procedure (oncology will be time sensitive) - risk of procedure - nutritional status - immune competence - determine functional capacity (need to be more than 4 METS, more than 10 METs makes low risk)Low risk surgeries -----catarcts breast biopsy cystoscopy, vasectomy laporascopic procedures Plastic surgery intermediate risk surgeries -----Head/ neck surgery thyroidectomy Intraperitoneal Prostate Laminectomy Hip/ knee Hysterectomy cholecystectomy nephrectomy non majot intrathoracic High risk surgeries -----aortic/ cabg transplants spinal reconstruction peripheral vascular surgery Lee's revised cardiac risk index [Show More]

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