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Module 3 Exam - Requires Respondus LockDown Browser + Webcam- Essential Human Anatomy & Physiology

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Question 1 2 / 2 pts What sense does not have specialized sense organs? Smell Touch Correct! Equilibrium A&C Question 2 2 / 2 pts The outer fibrous layer of the eye includes the: Sclera... and cornea Correct! Ciliary body and iris Pupil and retina Lens and vitreous fluid Question 3 2 / 2 pts The middle layer of the eye includes which regions? Aqueous humor and cornea Ciliary body and iris Correct! Cones and rods Optic nerve and retina Question 4 2 / 2 pts True or false: Cones operate best in dim light. True False Correct! Question 5 2 / 2 pts What is the correct order of how light passes through the eye? Cornea, Lens, pupil, retina Cornea, lens, vitreous fluid, retina Correct! Vitreous fluid fills the space posterior to the lens Lens, retina, cornea, optic nerve Lens, vitreous fluid, optic nerve, retina Question 6 Not yet graded / 5 pts Your Answer: A patient had a CVA in the area indicated by the red x in the figure, below. What type of blindness is the patient most likely to incur? Explain your reasoning. A. Left eye blindness B. Right eye blindness C. Bilateral left visual field blindness D. Bilateral right visual field blindness. AP2 M3 Exam page 2a.png C, damage is in the right optic tract. Sensory info from the left side travels simultaneously after the optic chasim to the brain's right side. C The right optic tract is damaged. All the sensory information from the left visual fields travels together after the optic chiasm to the right side of the brain. Question 7 Not yet graded / 5 pts Your Answer: A patient is found to have blindness in the right eye. What part of the vision pathway was most likely damaged? Explain your response. A. Optic chiasm B. Occipital lobe C. Left optic nerve D. Right optic nerve Right Optic nerve, becaause the entire eye is blind and information has not been able to reach the optic chiasm that is further back in the brain and receives information after the optic nerve. D Information from the right visual field has not yet crossed at the optic chiasm. Both peripheral and nasal fields of the right eye would be missing. Question 8 3 / 3 pts True or False: The lateral fibers of the optic nerves cross at the optic chiasm. True False Correct! medial fibers cross Question 9 3 / 3 pts The ________ is controlled by the abducens nerve. Superior rectus Medial rectus Lateral rectus Correct! Superior oblique Question 10 Not yet graded / 4 pts Your Answer: Your elderly patient is discussing her vision problems. She describes her vision as cloudy and dark. Her vision has progressively worsened over the last year. What most likely is causing the vision problem? Explain your reasoning. A. Cataracts B. Cranial nerve damage C. Brain tumor in the occipital lobe D. Medial rectus damage E. Lateral rectus damage Cataracts A Cataracts, due to lens that slowly become hardened over time. Light is not able to be refracted onto the retina. Question 11 10 / 10 pts Match the numbers (1-5) in the figure below with the correct terms (A-H). Note: not all terms will be used. 1- A: Cochlear Nerve 2- B: Facial Nerve 3- C: Tympanic Membrane 4- D: Cochlea 5- E: Malleus F: Vestibule G: Semicircular canal H: Incus Other Incorrect Match Options: G. Semicircular canal F. Vestibule A. Cochlear Nerve 1 B. Facial Nerve Correct! 2 E. Malleus Correct! 3 D. Cochlea Correct! 4 C. Tympanic Membrane Correct! 5 H. Incus Correct! Question 12 3 / 3 pts Which of the following statements is false regarding the external ear? The lobule does not contain cartilage. The auricle funnels sound into the external acoustic meatus. The helix contains cartilage. The external acoustic meatus travels through the parietal bone. Correct! Travels through the temporal bone Question 13 3 / 3 pts Which of the following statements is false regarding the middle ear? The malleus receives vibrations from the eardrum. It is filled with air. It contains three small bones. The stapes receives vibrations from the cochlea [Show More]

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