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Week 3: Inductive or Deductive Using the text, briefly describe the two types of deductive and three types of inductive arguments, and see if you can offer a short test for any argument to determine... which designation can be applied to the argument to be analyzed. Hello Class A deductive argument is one in which the arguer attempts to demonstrate that the truth of the conclusion necessarily follows from the premises. An inductive argument is one in which the arguer attempts to demonstrate that the truth of the conclusion probably follows from the premises. Two types of deductive arguments are categorical and truth-functional arguments. A categorical argument is a deductive argument that has categorical claims. Categorical claims are claims that relate two categories of things. A truth-functional argument is a deductive argument that contains truth-functional claims. Truth-functional claims are claims that are composed of simple claims and logical operators. An example of a deductive argument is Premise 1: Socrates was a man Premise 2: All men are mortal Conclusion: Socrates was mortal Three types of inductive arguments are analogical arguments, inductive generalizations, and causal arguments. An analogical argument is an inductive argument that uses an analogy to conclude that one case has some feature. An analogy is a claim that compares two or more things or subjects. The next inductive argument is an inductive generalization. An inductive generalization concludes that some, most, or all of a particular group have some feature based on evidence that a portion of that specific group has the feature. The final inductive argument is a casual argument. [Show More]

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