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Bryant & Stratton College NURSING 101 ATI Comprehensive Practice Exam B Focused Review

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ATI Comprehensive Practice Exam B Focused Review Tracy Layton Above the knee amputation:  Assist patient to prone position every 4 hours  Wrap limb in distal to proximal direction  Do no... t elevate after 48hrs to prevent flexion contractures Aphasia  Limits ability to communicate  Does not affect swallowing and eating Radiation therapy:  Can wash irradiated area with mild soap and water  Avoid applying lotion to irradiated area  Diarrhea is an expected side effect Oxygen therapy:  Apply a water based lubricant to nares as needed  Wear cotton clothes during oxygen therapy because do not cause static electricity  Check oxygen equipment daily for proper functioning Stages of change:  First educate staff members about problem  Develop goals, encourage staff input, and do a trial run of new system or change Severe preeclampsia:  Blurred vision  Facial edema  Proteinuria TB:  Will take medications for 6 months  Diet should consist of good amount of iron, protein, and calories  No mask needed while in public Glomerulonephritis:  Proteinuria  Decreased GFR  Causes increased nitrates in the blood (not urine) Newborn apnea monitoring:  Remove leads when not monitoring  Avoid co-sleeping with baby  Do not adjust monitor [Show More]

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