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ATI PN Comprehensive Predictor Form B Questions and Answers LATEST, 2020/2021

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ATI PN Comprehensive Predictor Form B Questions and Answers LATEST, 2020/2021 1. A nurse in a long-term care facility is assisting with an in- service for newly hired assistive personnel about legal... issues within the facility. Which ofIthe following should the nurse include as an example ofIassault? ANS: Informing a client the nurse is going to administer an injection even thoug h the client refuses . 2. A nurse is collecting data from who is severe pain. Which ofIthe following questions s hould the nurse ask first? ANS: "Where is your pain located?" 3. A nurse is reviewing the laboratory results for a client who is at 29 weeks gestation. F or which of the following results should the nurse notify the provider? ANS: Platelet count 95,000 mm3 4. A nurse is performing a dressing change for a client who had abdominal surgery 5 day s ago. The nurse notes organs protruding from the incision. Which ofIthe following act ions should the nurse take? ANS: Cover the exposed area with sterile, saline-soaked dressings. 5. A nurse is speaking with the adult daughter ofIa client who has Alzheimer's disease. T he daughter states, "I love my dad, but [Show More]

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