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Fundamentals of Nursing 10th Edition Potter Perry Test Bank Chapter 1. Nursing Today MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Contemporary nursing practice is based on knowledge generated through nursing theories. Flor... ence Nightingales theory introduced the concept that nursing care focuses on: ANS: 3 Florence Nightingale believed the role of the nurse was to put the clients body in the best state in order to remain free of disease or to recover from disease. Although Florence Nightingale may have addressed meeting the psychological needs of her clients, it is not the focus of her theory. The goal of Nightingales theory is to facilitate the bodys reparative processes by manipulating the clients environment. Florence Nightingale thought the human body had reparative properties of its own if it was cared for in a way to recover from disease. Her theory did not focus on achieving a maximal level of wellness. Florence Nightingale believed the nurse was in charge of the clients health. Although she interacted with her clients by reading to them, her theory of nursing care did not focus upon interpersonal interactions. DIF: A REF: 2 OBJ: Knowledge TOP: Nursing Process: Assessment MSC: NCLEX test plan designation: Safe, Effective Care Environment/Coordinated Care 2. Nursing education programs in the United States may seek voluntary accreditation by the appropriate accrediting commission council of the: ANS: 1 The National League for Nursing (NLN) is the professional nursing organization concerned with nursing education. The NLN provides accreditation to nursing programs that seek and meet the NLN accreditation requirements. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is concerned with the nursing profession and issues affecting health care, including standards of care. [Show More]

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