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NUR 550 Topic 4 Benchmark – Part A: Population Health Research and PICOT Statement

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Running head: PART A: POPULATION HEALTH RESEARCH AND PICOT STATEMENT Benchmark - Part A: Literature Review Grand Canyon University Translational Research and Population Health Management NUR-550 ... June 13, 2019 Running head: PART A: POPULATION HEALTH RESEARCH AND PICOT STATEMENT Population Health Research and PICOT Statement Introduction Healthcare disparities occur when there is a difference in healthcare between different population groups. These differences are associated with the inequality of access, health coverage, and quality of care. Even though health disparities are typically discussed through view of race and ethnicity, they can also refer to Socioeconomic Status (SES) and geographical location. This research paper discusses the disparities in the health care system, with a specific focus on SES and how it affects the access and availability of quality care. In general, the SES can be classified by one's education, earnings, and occupation. If this standard is lower than expected, individuals are categorized into the lower Socioeconomic (SE) community. They live in rural and undeveloped regions where there is a lack of medical support, education, and job. Health disparities place a tremendous strain on the community of health care and on culture. Information technology, electronic communication, telehealth, telemedicine, and electronic information exchanges will help to improve the clinical status of the patient (Orgera & Artiga, 2018). The purpose of this paper is to describe the Lower SES population's demographics and health concerns, and explain how nursing science, health determinants, and epidemiologic, genomic, and genetic data may impact population health management for the lower SES population. An overview of a potential solution for solving the diabetes health issue related to lower SES population and the intended PICOT statement. Running head: PART A: POPULATION HEALTH RESEARCH AND PICOT STATEMENT P - Patient/Problem, I - Intervention, C - Comparison, O - Outcome, T - Time. The PICOT statement, P - The lower SES population diagnosed with diabetes type 2. IAnalysis of the current SES barrier health disparities impedes the provision of quality health care facilities. C - Promoting equality in the provision of health care procedures to patients with diabetes from the lower SES population. O - Deliver improved quality of healthcare to the lower SES population to attain the healthy people goal 2020. T- Variable 1 to 2 years. One of the goals of Healthy People 2020 is to reduce disparities in health, achieve health equity, reduce disparities, and improve health for all U.S. populations. [Show More]

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