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BLS Practice Test Questions and Answers 20221/2022 Update

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BLS Practice Test Questions and Answers 20221/2022 Update The 2022 AHA guidelines for CPR recommended BLS sequence of steps are: Correct Answer- Chest compressions, Airway, Breathing Where should you... attempt to perform a pulse check in a child who is anywhere from one year to puberty?* Correct Answer- Carotid or femoral artery The proper steps for operating an AED are: Correct Answer- Power on the AED, attach electrode pads, analyze the rhythm, clear the individual, and deliver shock How often should rescuers switch roles when performing two-rescuer CPR? Correct Answer- After every two cycles of CPR The compression to ventilation ratio for the one-rescuer giving CPR to victims of ANY age is: Correct Answer- 30:2 Where should you attempt to perform a pulse check in an adult? Correct Answer- Carotid artery At what age is it necessary to use the child AED pads? Correct Answer- 8 years of age or younger An AED can be used safely in which of the following situations EXCEPT: Correct Answer- Victim lying partially in water The 5 links in the adult Chain of Survival include all of the following EXCEPT: Correct Answer- Usage of Cardiovascular Medications You are alone when you encounter a patient in what appears to be cardiac or respiratory arrest. What are the first three steps you should take to stabilize the patient? Check for danger, ____________, and send for help. Correct Answer- Check for response In both infants and children, the compression to ventilation ratio for one-rescuer CPR is: Correct Answer- 30:2 A 21 year old intoxicated college student turns blue and collapses while eating a hot dog at a bar. What is the most likely cause? Correct Answer- Choking You assess that the patient still has a pulse, what is the next step in managing this case? Correct Answer- Open airway What age is a considered an infant for BLS purposes? Correct Answer- Under 1 Why are ventilations delivered to a pediatric arrest patient before seeking assistance in single rescuer scenarios? Correct Answer- Most pediatric cardiac arrests are due to respiratory arrest You are a daycare provider and find a 3-year-old child unresponsive. She had laid down for a nap because she was not feeling well and when you checked on her, she was not breathing and appeared blue. You are by yourself. What is the first step in managing this case? Correct Answer- Deliver 2 minutes of CPR The child begins to breath spontaneously at a rate of 18. Her pulse is 50. What is the next step? Correct Answer- Begin CPR What does AED stand for? Correct Answer- Automated External Defibrillator A 49-year-old female suffers a witnessed cardiac arrest. She has a known cardiac history per her family. You notice a bulge in the upper left chest under the skin. There is a healed incision overlying that bulge. Which is true of AED use? Correct Answer- Avoid placing pads over bulge The AED indicates shock advised. What is the next step? Correct Answer- Clear the patient After delivering a shock, what is the next step in caring for this patient? Correct Answer- Resume CPR What is the correct depth of chest compressions in an adult? Correct Answer- Between 2 and 2.4 inches(5 -6 cm) A victim probably has a neck injury. What is the correct way to open the airway? Correct Answer- Jaw thrust How long should a pulse check last? Correct Answer- No more than 10 seconds Where should you check for a pulse in an infant? Correct Answer- Brachial artery A child is gasping for breath but has a pulse rate of 100 per minute [Show More]

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