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Prophecy medical surgical-telemetry 2022-You are to obtain informed consent for a Spanish-speaking patient scheduled for surgery. You do not speak Spanish and are having difficulty communicating with ... your patient. Which of the following resources would be most appropriate to utilize in order to obtain consent? The hospitals language interpreter You're reviewing the discharge medication list of a patient diagnosed with gastric ulcer. Which of the following medication should you question? Acetylsalicylic acid (Bauer buffered aspirin) When taking care of a patient with pancreatitis, which of the following lab should be reviewed? Lipase and amylase You're caring for a 12 hour postoperative parathyroidectomy patient. Which assessment finding would indicate an emergency? Laryngeal strider Which of the following actions would be considered a violation of Hyppa? Looking through the chart of a coworker admitted to your unit Sinus tachycardia You are taking care of a patient who is admitted for left flank pain with a kidney stone of 1.5 cm. He asks you about the procedure what would be the most therapeutic response? Due to the size of the kidney stone it is an appropriate treatment? NOT:Print reading materials about the subject and give it to the patient The nurse is taking care of a patient who is terminally ill and has a DNR on file. Their patient has a sudden cardiac arrest and family wants CPR initiated. How should you respond? Honor the patient's wishes Not normal sinus rhythm into a flutter Correct answer is ventricular fibrillation Your patient began deteriorating rapidly after complaining of shortness of breath. And ABG was drawn and the results are pH? HCO3 - 23. These values indicate the patient is experiencing: Your inserting a urinary catheter into a male patient. As you inflate a balloon, the patient complains of discomfort what is the best action? Aspirate the fluid, advance the catheter farther, then re-inflate the balloon When assessing a patient, you notice crepitus on the right upper shoulder. You notify the physician and anticipate which diagnosis? Subcutaneous emphysema You are providing patient education to a patient prior to administering IV Protonix.... When there is no history of GERD Protonix is given as G.I. prophylaxis to prevent stress ulcers Normal sinus with VTach The patient has a morphine PCA post operatively. On rounding you notice respirations at eight per minute O2 saturation of 82%. What medication would be given in the situation? Narcan You were caring for a patient who is 18 hours postop after [Show More]

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