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Prophecy health medical surgical RN A, 2022-Which adaptive equipment would be most appropriate to use for a severely contracted patient who is unable to bear weight when transferring from bed to chair... - Patient Lift example hoyer What lab values are expected to be in a patient with end stage renal disease on hemodialysis - BUN 32, CREATNINE 8.32 Your 85 year old patient with atrial fibrillation fell at home 3 days ago. You notice she has been having several episodes of acute confusion since being admitted to your unit. What is the most important order you should anticipate from the provider? You're? - Hold wayfaring (coumadin) for the next 48 hours Your new admission presents with a cough, unintentional weight loss, frequent knot sweats, and bloody sputum. What type of isolation precautions should you initiate, if any? - Airborne precautions Upon entering your patient's room you note that they are having a seizure. What is your 1st action? - Position the patient on their side to maintain the airway You find your coworker looking through your patient's medical record.. She States how is Mr. Smith doing? He is my best friend's dad. We are so worried about him. What is the best course of action? - Tell her you cannot give her information and report her actions to your manager. Your male patient complaints of discomfort while inflating the balloon during insertion of a endwelling urinary catheter. What would be the most appropriate action? - Deflate the balloon, advance the catheter further, then reinflate the balloon. Your patient takes regular insulin and NPH twice A-day for glucose control. What times should the patient be taught to be alert for signs of hypoglycemia? - Is late afternoon and early morning What is a proton pump inhibitor, such as pantoprazole (protonix) used for? - Reduce gastric acid secretion Your patient has a non productive cough and presence of secretions in his tracheostomy. Prior to sectioning the patient, what should you do 1st? - Hyperoxygenate patient dietary teaching for a patient with chronic renal failure should include choices that are: - Low potassium, low protein, moderate fat Which of the following nursing diagnosis is most important for a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) - Impaired gas exchange Your patient is admitted from the ED with failure to thrive and advanced dementia. You note he is extremely underweight, appears unbathed for some time, and has a stage 4 pressure injury to his coccyx. You were told in report that he lives at home with family members. What should you do? - Notify the charge nurse and social worker of your concerns. You have a patient going for dialysis. There are medications include Lisinopril(prinivil), ondansetron (zofran), famotidine(pepcid) and atorvastatin(lipitor). Which medication would you possibly hold and seek clarification? - LISINOPRIL(PRINIVIL) What is the best indication of an acute neurological problem? - Change in level of consciousness Your patient is admitted with diverticulitis. What type of diet do you expect to be ordered for the patient? - Clear liquids Which tool should you use to assess pain in your 80 year old patient with severe dementia Your post op patient has a Jackson - Pratt drain in place. how do you ensure effective drain function? - Compress the drain, then plug the bulb to establish suction. Is a patient with peritonitis Presents with tachycardia, hypotension , and dehydration. What other assessment finding would you anticipate as part of your physical assessment? - Severe abdominal pain or rebound tenderness [Show More]

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