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BLS CPR exam questions and answers latest 2022

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BLS CPR exam questions and answers latest 2022 Which of the following describes the proper sequences of BLS? A.) Pulse check, rescue breath, compression B.) Airway, breathing, compression C.) 1, 2... , 3, 4, 5 D.) C - A - B Correct Answer- D The pulse assessed in an adult cardiac arrest victim is called the ______ pulse? A.) Groin B.) Radial C.) Carotid D.) Tempora Correct Answer- C Choose the proper order of the Adult Chain of Survival: A.) Recognition, Call EMS, Advanced Life Support, Defibrillate, Post-Cardiac Arrest Care B.) Recognition, Early CPR, Defibrillate, Advanced Life Support, Post-Cardiac Arrest Care C.) CPR, Recognition, Call EMS, Defibrillate, Advanced Life Support D.) Recognition, Defibrillation, CPR, Call EMS, Advanced Life Support Correct Answer- B True/False: Most rescuers describe child cardiac arrest situations as more stressful than adult cases. A.)True B.)False Correct Answer- A You find an unresponsive victim without a pulse. You do not have a mask. What is the next step for an untrained lay responder? A.) Go call 911 B.) Wait until EMS arrives C.) Begin CPR and perform mouth-to-mouth D.) Use your shirt over their mouth as a barrier Correct Answer- C What is the correct compression-to-ventilation ratio for Two-Rescuer Infant BLS? A.) 30:2 B.) 30:1 C.) 15:2 D.) 15:1 Correct Answer- C You attempt to deliver a breath through a mask but it does not go in. What is the next step? A.) Hyperextend the neck B.) Blow harder C.) Discard mask and use mouth-to-mouth D.) Reposition the airway Correct Answer- D You are treating an adult choking victim. They initially can cough, but now are grasping their throat and turning blue. What is the next step? A.) Heimlich Maneuver B.) Begin CPR C.) Rescue breathing D.) Check pulse Correct Answer- A The compression to ventilation ratio for one rescuer giving CPR to individuals of ANY age is: A. 30:1 B. 30:2 C. 15:1 D. 15:2 Correct Answer- B How often should rescuers switch roles when performing two-rescuer CPR? A. After every cycle of CPR B. After every two cycles of CPR C. After every five cycles of CPR D. After every 10 cycles of CPR Correct Answer- C The proper steps for operating an AED are:* A. Power on the AED, attach electrode pads, shock the individual, and analyze the rhythm B. Power on the AED, attach electode pads, analyze the rhythm, clear the individual, and deliver shock C. Attach electrode pads, check pulse, shock individual, and analyze rhythm D. Check pulse, attach electrode pads, analyze rhythm, shock patient Correct Answer- B Where should you attempt to perform a pulse check in a child who is anywhere from one year to puberty?* A. Brachial artery B. Ulnar artery C. Temporal artery D. Carotid or femoral artery Correct Answer- D The initial Basic Life Support (BLS) steps for adults are:* A. Assess the individual, give two rescue breaths, defibrillate, and start CPR B. Assess the individual, activate EMS and get AED, check pulse, and start CPR C. Check pulse, give rescue breaths, assess the individual, and defibrillate D. Assess the individual, start CPR, give two rescue breaths, and defibrillate Correct Answer- B The critical characteristics of high-quality CPR include which of the following?* A. Starting chest compressions within 10 seconds of recognition of cardiac arrest B. Pushing hard and fast C. Minimizing interruptions D. All of the above Correct Answer- D The five steps in the Adult Chain of Survival include all of the following EXCEPT:* A. Early CPR B. Rapid defibrillation C. Advanced airway placement D. Integrated post-cardiac arrest care Correct Answer- C The 2015 AHA guidelines for CPR recommended BLS sequence of steps are:* A. Chest compressions, Airway, Breathing B. None of the above C. Airway, Breathing, Check pulse D. Airway, Breathing, Chest compressions Correct Answer- A Which of the following are signs of airway obstruction?* A. Poor air exchange B. High-pitched noise while inhaling C. Inability to speak D. All of the above Correct Answer- D In an adult with an advanced airway in place during two-rescuer CPR, how often should the breaths be administered?* [Show More]

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