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BLS CPR Exam with complete solution (Latest 2021/2022) Graded A+

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BLS CPR Exam with complete solution (Latest 2021/2022) Graded A+ First, Check victim for 2 things simultaneously Correct Answer- Response & Breathing If adult is unresponsive and not breathing, or no... t breathing normally, Correct Answer- Start CPR. Compression rate of: Correct Answer- 100/min infants Adults Correct Answer- 1.5 for infants 2 inches for adults (or 1/3 of the chest circumference) Lay people: Medical Professionals: Correct Answer- Do not check for pulse. Only up to 10 seconds to search for pulse. Complete Sequence for 1 Rescuer: Correct Answer- 1)Hey, are you okay? 2) activate emergency response, grab an AED. 3)Check pulse <10 seconds. 4)Start chest compressions (30) 5)2 rescue breaths 6)Chest compressions (30) 7)2 rescue breaths REPEAT 6 & 7 until help arrives. 2 Rescuer Adult BLS Correct Answer- 1)R1 Start Chest compressions (30) 2)R2 maintains airway and gives 2 breaths (30:2) (instruct R1 in accurate compression technique. 3)If AED tells you to analyze, switch roles, or after every 5 cycles if No AED; switch should take no less than 5 seconds. 1 rescuer compression technique and ratio for infants Correct Answer- 2-finger chest compression, 15:2 2 rescuer compression technique for infants Correct Answer- 2 thumb-encircling hands technique and 1/3 depth AED Correct Answer- automated external defibrillator agonal gasps Correct Answer- Abnormal breathing. May happen in the first minutes after sudden cardiac arrest. AHA Correct Answer- American Heart Association Bag Mask Correct Answer- A hand-held device with a face mask BLS Correct Answer- Basic Life Support pulse check for infants Correct Answer- Brachial Artery found on infants upper arm 1-handed chest compressions Correct Answer- Child one hand compression carotid artery pulse Correct Answer- pulse found in the neck CPR Correct Answer- cardiopulmonary resuscitation defibrillator Correct Answer- a machine that delivers an electroshock to the heart through electrodes placed on the chest wall ECC Correct Answer- emergency cardiovascular care gastric inflation Correct Answer- when air enters the stomach instead of lungs if breathes are given to quickly. mouth to mouth breathing Correct Answer- artificial respiration rescue breathing Correct Answer- give air to someone who is not breathing respiratory arrest Correct Answer- breathing stops but heart action continues for several minutes C-A-B (NOT A-B-C) Correct Answer- circulation, airway, breathing ratio for adult CPR Correct Answer- 30:2 Universal Choking Sign Correct Answer- When they cross their hands around their neck universal compressions Correct Answer- regular compressions when performing CPR-2 inches and 30:2 head position for infant CPR Correct Answer- sniffing or neutral position chest recoil Correct Answer- allows blood to flow to the heart witnessed child arrest, rescuer should Correct Answer- activate EMS and then begin 5 cycles of CPR unwitnessed child arrest, rescuer should Correct Answer- immediatly begin 5 cycles CPR and then activate EMS C-A-B-D Correct Answer- compression-airway-breathing-defibrillation [Show More]

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