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American Red Cross Final Exam BLS Latest 2021/2022 You and your colleagues have been providing high-quality CPR for and using the AED on Mr. Sauer. While providing ventilations, you notice that Mr. S... auer moves and appears to be breathing. What is the correct course of action? Correct Answer- Stop CPR, check for breathing and a pulse and monitor Mr. Sauer until the advanced cardiac life support team takes over. Upon entering Mr. Cohen's room, you find him on the ground, unresponsive. After immediately initiating the emergency response system, what is your next action according to the Adult In-Hospital Cardiac Chain of Survival? Correct Answer- Early CPR The systematic and continuous approach to providing emergent patient care includes which three elements? Correct Answer- Assess, Recognize, Care You suspect that an unresponsive patient has sustained a neck injury. Which technique should you use to open the patient's airway? Correct Answer- Modified jaw-thrust maneuver You are working in an OB/GYN office when your patient, Mrs. Tribble, suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. While preparing the AED, your colleague reminds you that Mrs. Tribble is 28 weeks pregnant. Which statement is true regarding the use of an AED on a pregnant patient? Correct Answer- AED use is safe for pregnant patients. Ya'll better know that. You and your colleagues are performing CPR on a 6-year-old child. What is the compression-to-ventilation ratio during multiple-provider CPR? Correct Answer- In both children and infants, the compression-to-ventilation ratio is 30:2 during single-provider CPR and 15:2 during multiple-provider CPR. You enter Ms. Evers's room and notice her lunch splattered on the floor. She is slumped over the bedside table and does not appear to be breathing. You perform a visual survey and determine that the scene is safe. Which is the next appropriate action? Correct Answer- Check for responsiveness A 7-year-old patient goes into sudden cardiac arrest. You initiate CPR and correctly perform chest compressions at which rate? Correct Answer- 100 to 120 per minute. During a resuscitation, the team leader assigns team roles and tasks to each member. You recognize that a task has been overlooked. Which is the most appropriate action? Correct Answer- Alert the team leader immediately and identify for them what task has been overlooked. While orienting a new medical assistant to the facility, you find a patient who is unresponsive in the exam room. You yell to the medical assistant, "Go get the AED!" Which response by the medical assistant demonstrates closed-loop communication? Correct Answer- "I'll go get the AED." What is a reason you would choose to perform chest thrusts instead of abdominal thrusts for an adult with an obstructed airway? Correct Answer- The patient is in a wheelchair. You are alone caring for a 4-month-old infant who has gone into cardiac arrest. Which is the most effective CPR technique to perform until help arrives? Correct Answer- When you are alone and performing CPR on an infant, use the two-finger technique. Standing to the side of the infant, place two fingers of your hand closest to the infant's feet in the center of the exposed chest, just below the nipple line on the sternum. Then provide 30 chest compressions. Compress to about 1½ inches deep at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute. As you do this, allow for complete chest recoil. Deliver 2 ventilations using a pocket mask. A well-organized team response when performing high-quality CPR includes ensuring that providers switch off performing compressions every _____ minutes. Correct Answer- 2 You and another provider are caring for a patient who is in cardiac arrest. You suspect that your patient has overdosed on an opioid. When should you administer intranasal naloxone? Correct Answer- After initiating CPR You are providing care for Mrs. Bove, who has an endotracheal tube in place. How does this affect compressions and ventilations? Correct Answer- The team should provide ventilations at a rate of 1 ventilation every 6 seconds without pausing compressions. You are alone performing high-quality CPR when a second provider arrives to take over compressions. When switching roles, you should minimize interruptions in chest compressions to less than how many seconds? Correct Answer- 10 you and two nurses have been performing CPR on a 72-year old patient, ben phillips. When Mr. Phillips show signs of ROSC, where should you perform the pulse check? Correct Answer- at the carotid or femoral artery You are providing compressions on a 6-month-old who weighs 17 pounds. Which compression depth is appropriate for this patient? Correct Answer- 1 1/2in The code team has arrived to take over resuscitative efforts. Among the members of the BLS team, whose role is it to communicate to the code team the patient's status and the care already provided? Correct Answer- team leader You are preparing to deliver ventilations to an adult patient experiencing respiratory arrest. You should give 1 ventilation every: Correct Answer- 5 to 6 seconds You are alone and caring for a 9-month-old infant with an obstructed airway who becomes unresponsive. Which action should you perform first? Correct Answer- 30 chest compressions You perform a rapid assessment and determine that your patient is experiencing cardiac arrest. On the basis of your assessment findings, you begin CPR to improve the patient's chances of survival. Which term refers to clearly and rationally identifying the connection between information and actions? Correct Answer- critical thinking You and your co-worker Jake are operating a BVM during multiple-provider CPR for an adult. You manage the airway while Jake delivers ventilations. Which statement correctly describes the appropriate technique for operating the BVM? Correct Answer- seal the mask with 2 hand using E-C technique How is a child defined in terms of CPR care? Correct Answer- C. someone from the age of 1 to the onset of puberty You are providing high-quality CPR on a 6-year-old patient who weighs 44 pounds. The AED arrives. It does not have a pediatric setting and includes only adult AED pads. What should you do? Correct Answer- Use the Adult AED pads [Show More]

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