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Shadow Health- Tina Jones- Musculoskeletal with Complete Solution

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Shadow Health- Tina Jones- Musculoskeletal with Complete Solution Asked about joint problems Ans- Asked about joint pain Asked about join swelling Asked about mobility Ans- History of walking proble... ms Has wound hindered mobility Asked about pain when walking Ans- Rates pain when walking Asked about ability to stand Ans- Asked about problems standing before injury Asked about pain rating when standing Ans- Asked about muscle soreness Ans- Asked about history of muscle soreness Asked about current muscle soreness Asked about joints in proximity of injury Ans- Asked about occupational impact on injury Ans- Is work dangerous Is there repetitive motion What inhibits working Asked about ADLs Ans- Are you able to transfer from sitting to standing Do you have difficulty bathing Asked about joint stiffness Ans- Asked about back pain Ans- History of back pain Current back pain Asked about muscle injury Ans- History of muscle injury Current muscle injury Asked about joint injury Ans- Past joint injury Current joint injury Asked about history of fracture Ans- Asked about history of sprains Ans- Asked about bone problems Ans- History of bone problems Current bone problems Asked about neck Ans- History of neck problems Current neck problems Asked about range of motion of body parts Ans- Asked about muscle problems Ans- Any muscle weakness Any muscle cramping Asked about Fall history Ans- When was last fall Prone to falls? Family history of osteoporosis Ans- Family history of joint problems Ans- Family history of arthritis Family history of bone cancer Ans- [Show More]

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