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HESI - Anatomy & Physiology practice test Questions and accuarate answers. Rated A+

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HESI - Anatomy & Physiology practice test Questions and accuarate answers. Rated A+ What are the four fundamental tissues ? - Epithelial,connective,muscle,nervous Epithelial Tissue ? - Cover, line... , and protect the body and its internal organs. Connective tissue ? - Is the framework of the body which provides support and structure for the organs. Nerve Tissue ? - Composed of neurons and connective tissue cells (Neuroglia). Muscle Tissues ? - Have the ability to contract or shorten Function of the nucleus ? - Carries DNA Function of Ribosomes ? - Important for the synthesis of proteins Mitosis ? - DNA is duplicated and distributed evenly between two daughter cells. Meiosis ? - Cell division where 46 chromosomes are reduced to 23 so they zygote has the correct number of chromosomes. What is the largest organ in the body ? - Skin How many layers does the skin consist of ? - Two : Dermis & Epidermis Epidermis ? - The outermost protective layer of dead keratinized epithelial cells.Dermis ? - The underlying layer of connective tissue with blood vessels, nerve endings, and the associated skin structures. What are the layers of the Epidermis from outer layer to inner layer ? - Stratum corneum, stratum lucidum, stratum granulosum, and stratum germinativum (Inner most layer). What are the two parts of the Germinativum (Innermost layer of the Epidermis) ? - Stratum basale & Stratum spinosum Where does mitosis occur ? - Stratum Germinativum Epidermal cells contain the protein pigment called _______ ? - Melanin What is the function of melanin ? - Protects against radiation from the sun What is the dermis composed of ? - fibrous connective tissue, What are the two types of sweat glands ? - Eccrine & Appocrine What is eccrine ? - regulates body temperature by releasing a watery secretion that evaporates from the surface of the skin. What is appocrine ? - secretion that contains bit of cytoplasm from the secreting cells. This cell bacteria attracts bacteria, and the presence of bacteria on the skin results in body odor. What does the appendages of the skin contain ? - hair and nails What does the body's framework consist of ? - bone, cartilage, ligaments, and jointsWhat are some of the functions of the skeletal system ? - support, movement, blood cell formation what is hemopoiesis ? - blood cell formation Describe the properties of a long bone ? - has an irregular epiphysis at each end, composed of spongy cancellous bone and a shaft/diaphysis What are the bones of the cranium ? - single occipital, frontal, ethmoid, sphenoid and paired parietal, temporal, and ossicles of the ear. how many bones does the cervical vertebrae have ? - 7 how many bones does the thoracic vertebrae have ? - 12 how many bones does the lumbar vertebrae have ? - 5 what is the tail bone called ? - coccygeal vertebrae what does the bones of the thorax contain ? - sternum &12 pairs of ribs what are metacarpals ? - bones of the hand what are phalanges ? - bones of the fingers what are the carpals ? - wrist bones what are the metatarsals ? - bones of the foot how do muscles produce movement ? - by contracting in response to nervous stimulation [Show More]

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