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NUR 2755 Multidimensional Care IV Test 1 Study Guide Review-2022-comprehensive

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Test 1 Study Guide Review Dementia types - over 200, most common are Alzheimer's and vascular Dementia progression - memory/ability to learn new info language, judgement and behavior ... affected functions decrease Dementia microscopic changes - Neurofibrillary tangles amyloid plaque vascular degeneration abnormal neurotransmitters Genetic Predisposition for dementia - African American Hispanic greater risk of early APOE Gene Diseases that contribute to dementia - Diabetes stroke atherosclerosis Life hacks to avoid dementia - Diet with enough folate and vitamins B12, C,E Exercise avoid smoking and excessive alcohol Mild Alzheimer’s S&S - Independent ADL's denial forgets name, place of things, memory loss subtle changes in personality social disengagement CONTINUED.......... [Show More]

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