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PHY 102 Week 4 Exam Solution 80% Guarantee; Complete Solution Guide, Grand Canyon University.

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PHY 102 MOD 4 Exam HIGLIGHT THE SINGLE CORRECT RESPONE 1. Which of the following activities best illustrates the practices of the scientific method? a. Deciding on the materials necessary to build ... a terrarium. b. Following the instructions to construct an electric generator. c. Measuring the time for an object to fall from different heights. d. Designing an electric circuit for a radio. 2. What cannot be the outcome of a science experiment? a. A theory is supported. b. A theory is disproven. c. A theory is proven. d. A theory is further refined. 3. A truck makes a sharp turn and a box falls out of the truck bed. This is best explained using: a. the law of inertia. b. Newton’s second law of motion. c. the law of action and reaction. d. Newton’s third law of motion. 4. If an object increases its speed by the same amount each second, its acceleration: a. also increases each second. b. is constant. c. decreases each second. d. can either increase or decrease depending on the circumstances 5. Which of the following is NOT a part of the scientific method? a. Making a guess about the possible outcome. b. Perform experiments to test the predictions. c. Organize and analyze the data collected. d. Repeating a measurement until you get the desired result. e. Formulating a rule based on the experimental results. 6. Consider a basketball player making a jump shot. Once the player's feet leave the floor, the player's acceleration: a. depends on the speed of the player. b. depends on the forward motion of the player. c. depends on the athletic ability of the player. d. is equal to 10 m/s2 . 7. The acceleration of an object is caused by: a. a change in speed. b. a change in velocity. c. a change in direction. d. an unbalanced force. 8. Which of the following describes an accelerated motion? a. Driving uphill at a constant speed. b. Driving downhill at a constant speed. c. Driving around a circle at a constant speed. d. Driving on a straight road at a constant speed. 9. A ball is placed at the top of a hill and then released. After 5 seconds it has a speed of 20 m/s. What is the average acceleration of the ball? a. 10 m/s2 b. 0 m/s2 c. 100 m d. 5 m/s2 e. 4 m/s2 10. A circus performer with a weight of 700 N hangs from the middle of a bar supported by a vertical rope at each end. What is the tension force in each rope? a. 700 N b. 1400 N c. 350 N d. 1050 N e. 0 N 11. Which object has the greatest momentum? a. A truck parked on the street. b. A man walking up a flight of stairs. c. A race car going around a turn at high speed. d. A bicyclist rolling downhill. e. A salmon swimming upstream. [Show More]

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