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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Test Part 1

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Your patient is very dependent and submissive. There are times that the patient is very clingy. This behavior reflects what type of personality disorder? Question: The appropriate therapeutic distanc... e between you and a psychiatric patient is? Question: Nurse Anna is instructing the new nurse to the psychiatric set-up. She also reminded her to use her therapeutic communication skills in dealing with clients. Which of the following techniques enlaces therapeutic communication? Question: Juan is … with Alzheimer’s disease. The nurse’s intervention should focus on helping the client … oriented with the physical set-up and daily events. Which of the following is the most effective nursing intervention in orienting patients who has Alzheimer’s disease? Question: A therapy that focuses on the remotivation of clients by directing their attention outside themselves to relieve preoccupation with personal thoughts, feelings, and attitudes is known as: Question: The 12-year old male patient looks like the nurse’s younger brother who is missing for years. During assessment and in the implementation of nursing care the nurse prioritizes this client. One day, when she found the boy crying in his room she hugged him and cried with him. This is an example of: Question: A schizophrenic client is under your care. In reinforcing the functional behavior of this client what will the nurse do? Question: A client was … to the ER. Based on the significant others, the client had a history of shop stealing. However, no self-mutilating activities are … by the client. During the interview, the client is very manipulative and aggressive and impulsive. What personality disorder most likely the client has? Question: When the client told the nurse that he feels good when he mutilates or cuts himself the novice psychiatric nurse answered, “Do you know the risks involved when you cut yourself?” what type of nontherapeutic communication is the nurse using? Question: A therapy that assists with discharge planning and rehabilitation, focusing on vocational skills and activities of daily living (ADL) to raise self-esteem and promote independence is called: Question: Nurse Marie is caring for a patient that underwent alcohol detoxification. Which of the following symptoms would Nurse Marie … most concern? Question: The Distance that is observed when family members or friends are talking is under what zone: Question: The client is sharing Nurse Marie about his experiences. Suddenly, he paused, looked to the nurse and is hesitant to continue. The nurse responded, “Go on, and tell me about it.” What therapeutic communication technique is the nurse using? Question: In a therapeutic communication, “why questions” are … For what reason is this question not useful? Question: An 18 year old client is … Her mother told the nurse that she … drinking alcohol for the last 3 weeks and is … In caring for this patient what is the most important consideration? Question: In using a therapeutic communication technique interpreting client cues and signals is very important. Clear statements of intent such as the client saying that he wants to kill himself is a/an: Question: A client was … due to self-mutilation. One day during one of the sessions, the client told the nurse that cutting himself feels great. What would … the nurse’s best response? Question: A behavior that can indicate the speaker’s thoughts, feelings, needs and values that he or she acts out … : Question: Restraints are … reason. Which of the following is an appropriate reason for placing a client in restraints? Question: If a client is on restraints which of the following would the nurse do? Question: A client is … for an electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Which of the following medications can … given to the client before the procedure? Question: To ensure that your client knows about the procedure, risks and outcome and … informed of the other alternative therapy. Which of the following must … accomplished? Question: The client says that he is hearing voices. What is nurse’s initial response? Question: What is the most important criteria that must … by the nurse before dealing with psychiatric patients? Question: If a client is a chain smoker, how should his medication dosage … adjusted? [Show More]

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