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ANCC Questions and Answers Latest Update Graded A+(This test consists of frequently tested questions and answers, therefore it’s the best study material)

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ANCC Questions and Answers Latest Update Graded A+(This test consists of frequently tested questions and answers, therefore it’s the best study material) What is the first line treatment for tempora... l arteritis? Correct Answer- High-dose steroids because it's an inflammatory response Why is an anecdotal or expert opinion lowest on the research hierarchy? Correct Answer- Can be a single person or a group of experts giving an opinion, but there is no research What is the screening test for temporal arteritis? Correct Answer- Elevated ESR and CRP as well Which condition causes bilateral stiffness lasting 30 minutes or more located in the shoulders, neck, hips, and torso; more common in women >50 and closely related to temporal arteritis? Correct Answer- Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) Are routine eye exams covered by Medicare part B? Correct Answer- No In trigeminal neuralgia, which cranial nerve is affected? Correct Answer- V What is the treatment for trigeminal neuralgia? Correct Answer- Anticonvulsants (phenytoin) and muscle relaxants (gabapentin, topiramate) Who monitors and disciplines the nurse practitioners? Correct Answer- BON What presents as an abrupt onset of facial paralysis due to dysfunction of the motor branch of the facial nerve (7)? Correct Answer- Bell's Palsy - Additional sx: Tear production on the affected side stops - Causes: viral, autoimmune, pressure from tumor or vessel What presents as idiopathic and severe one-sided headache marked by recurrent, brief, lacerating pain behind one eye accompanied by tearing and clear rhinitis? Correct Answer- Cluster Headache - Presents in males 30-40 yrs of age - Higher rate of suicide r/t intense pain - Tx: high dose 100% Oxygen 12L/min for 15 minutes, sumatriptan by intranasal or IM What is reliability? Correct Answer- Repeatable, reproducible, consistent Symptoms of tension headache? Correct Answer- Band-like tightness headache, dull and constant, tensing of neck muscles What does the dependent variable depend on? Correct Answer- Independent variable What is described by transient episode of neurological dysfunction caused by focal ischemia without acute infection of the brain? Correct Answer- TIA (mini stroke or minor stroke) What does the FAST mnemonic stand for? Correct Answer- Face drooping, arm weakness, speech difficulty, time to call 911 What is the term for brain damage that presents with the patients no difficulty comprehending speech but has extreme difficulty in motor aspect of speech? Correct Answer- Broca's aphasia - May only be able to speak 4 words - Patient understands but difficulty expressing What is apraxia? Correct Answer- Difficulty w/ purposeful movement Is suspected child abuse reportable? Correct Answer- Always reportable How do you illicit tinel's sign? Correct Answer- Tap on anterior wrist - median nerve - Evaluates carpal tunnel syndrome What disease of conditions assess Phalen's sign (flex wrist and hold dorsal side of hands together)? Correct Answer- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (affects median nerve) What is EMTALA? Correct Answer- Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act- stabilize patient before transfer Can be caused by embolism, thrombus, or hemorrhage and results in permanent neurological damage from ischemia to affected brain tissues? Correct Answer- CVA or Stroke What is COBRA? Correct Answer- Insurance after you leave a job paid for by self, gap-insurance, 18 months, you pay the premium that former employer was paying for What is cranial nerve XI? Correct Answer- Spinal accessory, shrug the shoulders What can result from shingles in the cranial nerve V of the ophthalmic branch? Correct Answer- Postherpetic neuralgia - Corneal blindness can result The name for the nodes on the PIP joints secondary to arthritis? Correct Answer- Bouchard's nodes (DIP are Heberden's *remember PIP comes before DIP because proximal is closest to the body just like B in bouchards comes before H in heberdens) What is the most sensitive screening test for thyroid function? Correct Answer- TSH What do you call the genetic defect called trisomy 21? Correct Answer- Down syndrome - Face appears flat, ears are low-set, upward slanting eyes - Average lifespan is 60 yrs What presents as a small head, shortened palpebral fissures, flat nasal bridge, smooth philthrum? Correct Answer- Fetal alcohol syndrome What is covered in Medicare part D? Correct Answer- Rx - only the drugs on the formulary list Which type of cancer has increased risk w/ cryptorchidism? Correct Answer- testicular cancer - Even if it has been repaired, then risk is still increased What disease is described as injected red conjunctiva, w/ profuse purulent discharge, swollen eye lids, and presents 2-5 days after birth? Correct Answer- Gonococcal opthalmia neonatorum - Tx: apply erythromycin ointment 1cm ribbon per eye, immediately after birth (prophylaxis) What condition associated w/ vaginal birth shows 4-10 days after birth w/ eyelids become edematous, with red, profuse watery discharge that becomes purulent? Correct Answer- Chlamydia opthalmia neonatorum - Appears initially watery then purulent and 4-10 days after birth How is infant mortality defined? Correct Answer- The # of deaths <12 mos of age in 1,000 live births What is defined as unexplained and sudden death in healthy infants <12 mos. Correct Answer- Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) - Back to sleep, avoid thick blankets, How much weight are newborns expected to lose during the first 5-7 days of life? Correct Answer- 10% What is covered by medicare part A? Correct Answer- Inpatient services for >65 yrs or ESRD at any age and hospitalizations, skilled nursing care included, hospice included, rehab included (NOT ASSISTED LIVING) Most common type of spots seen in children; appears as blue to black patches of colored skin usually in the lumbosacral area Correct Answer- Mongolian spots - Disappears by 2-3 years of age - May be mistaken as child abuse Do you need to confirm child abuse before reporting? Correct Answer- No, report suspected child abuse, no need to confront caregiver What condition presents w/ 2-3cm papules, white, on the forehead, and resolves spontaneously? Correct Answer- Milia - Caused by retention of sebaceous filaments What is faun tail nevus? Correct Answer- Tufts of hair in the lumbosacral area, coccyx region - Rule out spina bifida - Conduct neurological exam and u/s What do you need to rule out when you see cafe au lait spots? Correct Answer- Flat light brown spots > 2-5mm patches, if there are 6 or more spots then rule out... neurofibromatosis Are routine dental exams covered by Medicare part B? Correct Answer- No At what are age children expected to have 20/20 vision? Correct Answer- 6 yrs of age When do you refer for strabismus? Correct Answer- If a child is >6 mos old - Red flags: absent of red reflex, presence of white reflex What is leukocoria? Correct Answer- Presence of a white reflex -may be indicative of retinoblastoma When is lead screening done in children? Correct Answer- 12-24 months - For high risk may need to check periodically [Show More]

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