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NUR 2513 / NUR2513: Maternal-Child Nursing Exam 1 (Latest 2021 / 2022)

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NUR 2513 / NUR2513: Maternal-Child Nursing Exam 1 (Latest 2021 / 2022) NUR 2513 Maternal-Child Nursing MCN Exam 1 What trends are currently influencing maternal child care? - An expansion of commu... nity-based services - Accidents are a leading cause of injury/mortality in the school aged population and therefore education focused on this topic would be considered high priority. What influences the changes in the types of care required to support maternal child health issues? - Families are smaller, with a higher number of single parent families as well as moms working outside the home. - When planning care, consideration must be given to these structural shifts. What are the 2020 National Health Goals for pregnancy? - Stop smoking/alcohol use - Eat a healthy diet - Take PNV - Take folic acid - Achieve optimal nutrition status prior to conception What are the strategies for smoking cessation? - Follow a designed smoking cessation plan - Ask the MD if any medications can help - Get a friend involved in the plan What are the phases of the menstrual cycle? - Proliferative - Secretory/luteal - Ischemic - Menses What happens during the proliferative phase of the menstrual cycle? - First half of the menstrual cycle: Ovary begins to produce estrogen. Endometrium proliferates quickly--> increases thickness by eightfold from day 5-14. What happens during the Secretory/luteal phase of the menstrual cycle? - Progesterone forms in the corpus luteum --> glands of endometrium become corkscrew/twisted and dilated w/ glycogen and mucin (protein). Appearance: Rich, spongy velvet. What happens during the Ischemic phase of the menstrual cycle? - Corpus luteum in the ovary regresses after 8-10 days. Progesterone DECREASES--> endometrium of uterus degenerates (day 24/25 of cycles). Capillaries rupture, minute hemorrhages, and the endometrium SLOUGHS off. What happens during the Menses phase of the menstrual cycle? - Mix of blood, mucin (protein), endometrial tissue, and unfertilized ovum are released from the body. When is conception possible? - Can occur 2-3 days before ovulation and 1 day afterwards What is the life expectancy of sperm and the length of time an ova is ripe for fertilization? - Sperm survival: 3-5+ days. Ova ripe: 1 day How do combination oral contraceptives (COC) work? - estrogen acts to suppress follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and LH to suppress ovulation. Progesterone decreases permeability of cervical mucus (limits sperm motility/access to ova). Also interferes w/ tubal transport and endometrial proliferation (implantation significantly decreased) How are combination oral contraceptives (COC) taken/administered? - Monophasic pills (fixed doses est./progest. in 21-day cycle) Biphasic pills (constant amount of est. w/ varying progest. amounts) Triphasic [Show More]

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