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VATI Care of children 2019 with COMPLETE SOLUTIONS

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A nurse is providing nutritional teaching to the patents of a child who has acute glomerulonephritis with pitting edema. Which of the following foods should the nurse recommend be eliminated from the... child's diet? - ✔✔Hot dogs -Results in edema, HTN, hematuria and proteinuria. Dietary changes requires limit foods high in sodium because of the edema and HTN. (Hot dogs, or other processed meats) A nurse in an emergency department is assessing a 5-year-old child who has a concussion. Which of the following manifestations should the nurse identify as an early indication of ICP? - ✔✔Nausea -Early findings of ICP A nurse is creating a plan of care for a school-age child who has moderate partial thickness burns on both lower extremities. Which of the following interventions should the nurse include in the plan? - ✔✔Maintain aseptic technique during the child dressing changes. -To prevent infection. Delayed wound healing can occur due to infection, which can also cause partial thickness wounds to develop into full thickness wounds. A charge nurse on a pediatric unit is reviewing informed consent guidelines with newly licensed nurse. For which of the following clients should the nurse obtain informed consent from a guardian? - ✔✔A 15- year-old client who requires an open reduction of a fracture. -Sign consent prior to surgical procedures for a minor. A nurse is caring for a child who has terminal leukemia. The parents asks the nurse, "When will we know that our child is nearing the end of their life?" Which of the following statements should the nurse make? [Show More]

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