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Elevator Mechanic Exam Review 2022 216 Questions with 100% Correct Answers – COMPLETE SOLUTION

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Elevator Mechanic Exam Review 2022 216 Questions with 100% Correct Answers – COMPLETE SOLUTION A contractor wants to raise the car speed from 100fpm to 125fpm, it currently has a 12" sheave. What ... sheave is required? - ✔✔Diam=12" 12/4=3" 25fpm=3" 100fpm + 25fpm= 12"+3"= 15" sheave A MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) burns out. You replace it, but cannot read voltage or resistance. What should you do? - ✔✔Replace it with a larger MOV On a Ward-Leonard circuit the break is set, but the motor is trying to slip through the break. What is the issue? - ✔✔Suicide Circuit You have an old DC motor and are adding an SCR drive, what do you do to the interpoles? - ✔✔Leave the interpoles alone. When adding a SCR drive to the generator, the series loop is removed, as are the 3 resistors. Everything else remains the same A hydro runs up with no load, but will not run with a full load. What is the issue? - ✔✔The relief valve is set too low Runby for a 1:1 hits the CWT buffer 4" below the top landing. CWT runby should be set at 18". How much should the ropes be shortened? - ✔✔22" You need to work on a freight door retiring cam, you LOTO the main line but there is still power on the cam. What circuit is still hot? - ✔✔Door Operator Disconnect/ Main Line Disconnect The contractor requests that the vertical center of a Rack and Pinion hoist be moved. How do you do this? - ✔✔Adjust Tie Downs and Wall Ties Working pressure on a Hydro is 400psi. What is the maximum relief valve setting? - ✔✔400psi x 150%= 600psi What must be installed on a false car before operation? - ✔✔Spring Loaded Safeties. There is slight arcing between the brush and commutator. What action must be taken? - ✔✔None. Heavy arcing=Light brush pressure. Heavy bush pressure=mechanical wear If rigging gear is roped 3:1 and a BEAM CLAMP is used to lift a 6,000lb load. What is the beam capacity? - ✔✔18,000lbs. Beam capacity is cut in half with use of clamp, when rigging all blocks, rope, and clamps will be Equal to the lowest load rating How much resistance is measured over a normally closed switch? - ✔✔1.2ohms. should be zero, but will never be that low A car traveling in the hoistway always stops at the same spot and blows a fuse. What causes this? - ✔✔Traveling cable has a cut/exposed wire or a short How is a class 1 yearly buffer test preformed? - ✔✔Car at bottom landing and on inspection, jump out direction and final limits. With pit clear, run down to [Show More]

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