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ATI Practice B Leadership and Management – Update 2022 with COMPLETE SOLUTION

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A nurse caring for a client recovering from a stroke. The provider recommends extracranial-intracranial bypass, but client tells nurse he wont have surgery. Which actions should nurse take? - ✔✔C... . Discuss with client his concerns about having the surgery. A charge nurse notices a newly nurse consistently not finishing client care tasks by end of shift. Which statements should charge nurse make? - ✔✔A. " You should set aside time to plan your day at the beginning of each shift." 2 nurses on unit each say the other not doing fair share of work. Conflict is affecting unit. charge nurse should recognize which is an appropriate approach to conflict? - ✔✔D. Explore alternative solutions to address unit workflow with the nurses. Charge nurse conducting in-service with staff about infection control precautions. RN should instruct staff that which client requires droplet precautions? - ✔✔D. A client who has pertussis. A nurse in ED is admitting clients following an earthquake. Emergency disaster plan has been implemented due to large # of anticipated casualties. Which clients should nurse recommend provider see first? - ✔✔D. A client who has a sucking chest wound. A nurse is caring for group of clients. Which assessment findings should nurse recognize as priority to report to charge nurse? - ✔✔B. A client 2 days post operative & urine output of 20 mL/hr A nursing unit undergoing changes. Some staff members have verbalized displeasure with changes. Which actions should nurse take? - ✔✔Role model a positive approach to changes. Encourage staff members who support changes to discuss with resistant staff. interprofessional conference for a client 3 days post-op following ORIF right hip. Which concern is the priority ? - ✔✔B. The client refuses to attend physical therapy sessions. [Show More]

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