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MEDSURG_HESI QUESTIONS &ANSWERS ( NEWEST ,2020) (ANSWERS VERIFIED 100% CORRECT) A client on telemetry has a pattern of uncontrolled atrial fibrillation with a rapid ventricular response. Based on thi... s finding, the nurse anticipates assisting the physician with which treatment? Perform synchronized cardioversion. A female client who received a nephrotoxic drug is admitted with acute renal failure and asks the nurse if she will need dialysis for the rest of her life. Which pathophysiologic consequence should the nurse explain that supports the need for temporary dialysis until acute tubular necrosis subsides? Nephron obstruction Which age-related change in the older adult has the highest safety implication for the client? Stooped posture A client is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of severe acute diverticulitis. Which nursing intervention has the highest priority? Place the client on NPO status. When a nurse assesses a client receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN), which laboratory value is most important for the nurse to monitor regularly? Glucose After attending a class on reducing cancer risk factors, a client selects bran flakes with 2% milk and orange slices from a breakfast menu. In evaluating the client's learning, the nurse affirms that the client has made good choices and makes what additional recommendation? Switch to skim milk. Client census is often used to determine staffing needs. Which method of obtaining census determination for a particular unit provides the best formula for determining long-range staffing patterns? Average daily census The nurse is giving preoperative instructions to a 14-year-old client scheduled for surgery to correct a spinal curvature. Which statement by the client best demonstrates that learning has taken place? "Let me show you the method of turning I will use after surgery." Stuvia.com - The Marketplace to Buy and Sell your Study Material A 77-year-old female client is admitted to the hospital with confusion and anorexia of several days' duration. She has symptoms of nausea and vomiting and is currently complaining of a headache. The client's pulse rate is 43 beats/min. The nurse is most concerned about the client's history related to which medication? Digoxin The nurse is caring for a client who is one day post–acute myocardial infarction. The client is receiving oxygen at 2 L/min via nasal cannula and has a peripheral saline lock. The nurse notes that the client is having eight premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) per minute. Which intervention should the nurse implement first? Increase the client's oxygen flow rate. A client with alcohol-related liver disease is admitted to the unit. Which prescription should the nurse call the health care provider about for reverification for this client? Nembutal sodium at bedtime for rest A client with hypertension has been receiving ramipril (Altace), 5 mg PO, daily for 2 weeks and is scheduled to receive a dose at 0900. At 0830, the client's blood pressure is 120/70 mm Hg. Which action should the nurse take? Administer the prescribed dose at the scheduled time. A client is placed on a mechanical ventilator following a cerebral hemorrhage, and vecuronium bromide, 0.04 mg/kg every 12 hours IV, is prescribed. What is the priority nursing diagnosis for this client? Impaired communication related to paralysis of skeletal muscles An older client is admitted with a diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia. Which symptom should the nurse report to the health care provider after assessing the client? Confusion and tachycardia The nurse is conducting an osteoporosis screening clinic at a health fair. What information should the nurse provide to individuals who are at risk for osteoporosis? (Select all that apply.) Encourage alcohol and smoking cessation. Promote regular weight-bearing exercises. Implement a home safety plan to prevent falls. A 62-year-old woman who lives alone tripped on a rug in her home and fractured her hip. Which predisposing factor most likely contributed to the fracture in the proximal end of her femur? [Show More]

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