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VATI RN Leadership and Management 2019 with COMPLETE SOLUTION

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A nurse is caring for a client when they erroneously administer a medication dosage that is greater than the amount prescribed. Which of the following ethical principles is the nurse demonstrating wh... en they notify the provider of the medication error? - ✔✔Veracity. Holds that one should tell the truth. A nurse is performing morning rounds for a client and finds the client's bedtime medication sitting at the bedside in a medication cup. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? - ✔✔Document the missed medication administration in the client's medical record. It is the responsibility of the nurse to record the facts of the missed medication administration in the clients medical record. A nurse is providing teaching to a client's adult child regarding the clients discharge to home with hospice care. Which of the following statements by the client's adult child indicates an understanding of the teaching? - ✔✔The hospice team will provide services for the entire family, not just my father. Hospice services are provided by a team of health care professionals and nonprofessional that offer a full range of services, supporting both the client and family through the dying process. A nurse manager is scheduling a meeting to address a conflict between staff members and a client's family. In the meeting, staff and family members will identify common goals and express their concerns. Which of the following conflict resolution strategies is the nurse manger implementing? - ✔✔Collaboration Collaboration involves both parties agreeing to work towards a common goal rather than individual goals to fins a mutually satisfying solution to the conflict. The goal becomes what is best overall, rather than what each individual wants or thinks is best. A nurse in an acute care facility is caring for a client who is leaving against medical advice (AMA). Which of the following actions should the nurse take? SATA - [Show More]

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