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NR 509 Midterm Quiz with Correct Answers Graded A

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NR 509 Midterm Quiz with Correct Answers Graded A 32. Which of the following is true of a grade 4-intensity murmur? A) It is moderately loud. B) It can be heard with the stethoscope off the chest.... C) It can be heard with the stethoscope partially off the chest. D) It is associated with a "thrill." Correct Answer- D) It is associated with a "thrill." The grade 4 murmur is differentiated from those below it by the presence of a palpable thrill. A murmur cannot be graded as a 4 unless this is present. A 7-year-old boy is performing poorly in school. His teacher is frustrated because he is frequently seen "staring off into space" and not paying attention. If this is a seizure, it most likely represents which type? A) Pseudoseizure B) Tonic-clonic seizure C) Absence D) Myoclonus Correct Answer- C) Absence A 7-year-old child is brought to your clinic by her mother. The mother states that her daughter is doing poorly in school because she has some kind of "ADD". You ask the mother what makes her think the child has ADD. The mother tells you that both at home and at school her daughter will just zone out for several seconds and lick her lips. She states it happens at least four to six times an hour. She says this has been happening for about a year. After several seconds of liplicking her daughter seems normal again. She states her daughter has been generally healthy with just normal childhood colds and ear infections. The patient's parents are both healthy and no other family members have had these symptoms. What type of seizure disorder is she most likely to have? A) Generalized tonic-clonic seizure B) Generalized absence seizure C) Simple partial seizure (Jacksonian) D) Complex partial seizure Correct Answer- B) Generalized absence seizure In an absence seizure there is no tonic-clonic activity. There is a sudden, brief lapse of consciousness with blinking, staring, lip-smacking, or hand movements that resolve quickly to full consciousness. It is easily mistaken for daydreaming or ADD. A 12-year-old presents to the clinic with his father for evaluation of a painful lump in the left eye. It started this morning. He denies any trauma or injury. There is no visual disturbance. Upon physical examination, there is a red raised area at the margin of the eyelid that is tender to palpation; no tearing occurs with palpation of the lesion. Based on this description, what is the most likely diagnosis? A) Dacryocystitis B) Chalazion C) Hordeolum D) Xanthelasma Correct Answer- C) Hordeolum A hordeolum, or sty, is a painful, tender, erythematous infection in a gland at the margin of the eyelid. A 15-year-old high school sophomore and her mother come to your clinic because the mother is concerned about her daughter's weight. You measure her daughter's height and weight and obtain a BMI of 19.5 kg/m2. Based on this information, which of the following is appropriate? A) Refer the patient to a nutritionist and a psychologist because the patient is anorexic. B) Reassure the mother that this is a normal body weight. C) Give the patient information about exercis [Show More]

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