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HEENT Tina Jones Latest Updated 2022 Graded A+ Relevant Medical History AnswerAsked about health problems Answer- Reports occasional headaches Denies current headache Denies head problems other th... an headaches Asked about frequency of headaches Answer- Reports headaches occur once a week Asked about duration of headaches Answer- Reports headaches last a few hours Asked about character and location of headaches Answer- Reports headaches as tight and throbbing Reports headache located behind her eyes Asked to rate headache pain on a scale Answer- Reports headaches as a 2/10 or 3/10 Asked about headache treatment Answer- Reports treating headaches with acetaminophen Reports resting to treat headache Reports acetaminophen (Tylenol) and rest usually resolve symptoms Asked about headache triggers Answer- Reports headaches only happen when reading or studying Reports that blurry vision and headaches often coincide Asked about vision Answer- Reports occasional blurry vision Asked about onset and frequency of blurry vision Answer- Reports worsening vision began within the past year Reports blurry vision only occurs when reading for long periods Reports noticing blurry vision increasing in the past few months Asked about relieving factors for blurry vision Answer- Reports that resting eyes helps Asked about vision care Answer- Reports last vision exam was in childhood Denies use of corrective lenses Asked about additional eye problems Answer- Reports occasional itchy eyes Reports occasional eye redness Denies eye pain Denies eye dryness Asked about triggers for eye symptoms Answer- Reports cat allergy is a trigger for itchy eyes Reports dust is a trigger for itchy eyes Asked about treatment of eye symptoms Answer- Denies taking medication for itchy eyes Asked about nasal problems Answer- Reports occasional runny nose Denies nosebleeds Asked about sinus problems Answer- Denies frequent sinus problems [Show More]

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