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NR507 / NR 507: Advanced Pathophysiology Quiz Week 1 (Fall 2020) Chamberlain College Of Nursing

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Chamberlain College Of Nursing NR507 / NR 507: Advanced Pathophysiology Quiz Week 1 (Fall 2020) NR-507 Advanced Pathophysiology Week 1 Quiz 1. An FNP is reviewing lab reports and recalls that... blood plasma may be considered? - 2. The FNP teaches a group of nursing students about aldosterone. Which statement by the students indicates that teaching was successful? Secretion of aldosterone results in? - 3. The FNP recalls that regulation of an acid-base balance through removal or retention of volatile acids is accomplished by the? - 4. Which patient is most prone ti metabolic alkalosis? A patient with? - 5. For a patient experiencing metabolic acidosis, the body will compensate by? - 6. Water movement between the ICF and ECF compartments is determined by? - 7. Which patient would the FNP assess for both hyperkalemia and metabolic acidosis? - 8. A 70-year-old male with chronic renal failure presents with edema. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this condition? - 9. When developing a treatment plan for a 75-year-old individual, the FNP remembers that the elderly are at a higher risk for developing dehydration because they have? - 10. In a cellular metabolism, each enzyme has a high affinity for a? - 11. An FNP student is observing a cell under the microscope, It is observed to have supercoiled DNA with histones. Which of the following would also be part of the cellular structure observed by the student? - 12. Which of the following statements is true regarding benign tumors? - 13. T-cells are produced in the bone marrow and then enter the bloodstream and travel to the _________ for maturation? - 14. A eukaryotic cell is undergoing DNA replication. In which region of the cell would most of the genetic information be contained? - 15. A 35-year-old female develops skin cancer on the head and neck following years of sunbathing. Which of the following cancers is most likely? - 16. The primary cellular targets for HIV include - 17. An FNP is instructing students about cellular functions. Which cellular function is the FNP describing when an isolated cell absorbs oxygen and uses it to transform nutrients to energy? - 18. A patient has a tissue growth that was diagnosed as cancer and spread to an adjacent organ. Which of the following terms best describes this growth? - 19. A 25-year-old male develops a tumor of the breast glandular tissue. What type will the FNP document in the medical record? - 20. When developing a treatment plan for an 85-year-old dehydrated patient, the FNP remembers that the principle of water balance is closely related to the balance of? - [Show More]

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