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Essentials of Fire Fighting 7 Chapter 1 Questions with COMPLETE SOLUTIONS

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What is the overall mission of the fire service? - ✔✔To save live and to protect property and the environment from fires and hazardous situations. How are fire departments organized? - ✔✔Mos... t common is Scalar, defined as having uninterrupted series of steps. Decisions and information are directed from the top(fire chief) to the organizational structure. Fig 1.2 What specialized Jobs and divisions exist within the fire service? - ✔✔1.Fire apparatus operator/driver 2.Hazardous Materials (Haz mat) 3.Rescue Technician 4.Airport Fire Fighter 5.Wildland Fire Fighter 6.Emergency Medical Services What is a fire apparatus operator? - ✔✔Personnel trained to drive fire truck to and from fires and other emergencies. They must be able to operate fire apparatus pumps and aerial devices, are responsible for servicing and maintenance. What is a hazardous material technician? - ✔✔Personnel certified to mitigate hazardous materials and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive (CRBNE) emergencies. What is a rescue technician? - ✔✔Personnel certified to perform rescues in special areas such as high-angle(rope), trench, structural collapse, confined space, vehicle and machinery, water, ice, and cave or mine rescues. What is a airport fireman? [Show More]

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