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Many biotic and abiotic factors can affect the growth of plants. box 0 1 . 1 Are the factors in Table 1 biotic or abiotic? [2 marks] Tick one box for each factor. Table 1 Factor Biotic Abiotic D... iseases Herbivores Temperature Water Two students investigated the effect of light intensity on the distribution of small plants. The plants are growing under a tree in a park. The students made the following hypothesis: ‘As you move outwards from a tree there will be more plant growth.’ 0 1 . 2 Explain why the students thought their hypothesis would be correct. [3 marks]3 *03* Turn over ► IB/M/Jun18/8464/B/2H Do not write outside the 0 1 . 3 The students used two pieces of equipment. box Give the scientific name of each piece of equipment. [2 marks] A square frame measuring 0.5 m × 0.5 m An electronic device to measure light intensity This is the method used. 1. Fix one end of a tape measure at the base of the tree. 2. Fix the other end of the tape measure 11 metres from the tree. 3. At 0 metres put the square frame on the ground. 4. Identify all the plant species growing inside the frame. 5. Estimate and record the percentage cover of each plant species. 6. Measure the light intensity inside the frame. 7. Put the square frame on the ground every 2 metres along the tape to 10 metres. 8. Repeat steps 4 – 6 in every frame. Figure 1 shows the equipment in this investigation. Figure 1 0 1 . 4 Calculate the total area sampled. [1 mark] Total area sampled = m24 *04* IB/M/Jun18/8464/B/2H Do not write outside the 0 1 . 5 The whole investigation was done as quickly as possible on the same day. box Suggest one reason why. [1 mark] 0 1 . 6 Give one way the investigation could be improved. [1 mark] Table 2 shows the results. Table 2 Distance from tree in metres 0 2 4 6 8 10 Percentage cover of grass 15 50 35 16 15 15 Percentage cover of plantain 0 5 10 40 25 30 Percentage cover of daisy 0 0 0 4 20 10 Percentage cover of clover 1 10 25 40 40 45 Total percentage cover of plants 16 65 70 100 100 100 Light intensity in arbitrary units 37 59 150 175 >200 >200 0 1 . 7 Which plant species in Table 2 will only grow at high light intensity? [1 mark]5 *05* Turn over ► IB/M/Jun18/8464/B/2H Do not write outside the box 15 0 1 . 8 What conclusion can be made about the relationship between light intensity and the total percentage cover of plants? Use data from Table 2 in your answer. [2 marks] 0 1 . 9 Light intensity might not be the cause of this pattern of plant distribution. Suggest one different factor that may cause these results. Give one reason for your answer. [2 marks] Factor Reason Turn over for the next question6 *06* IB/M/Jun18/8464/B/2H Do not write outside the box 6 0 2 Pseudomonas bacteria cause infections in hospital patients. A new strain of Pseudomonas bacteria has evolved. This new strain can only be killed by one antibiotic called fluroquinolone. Scientists want to prevent the new strain of Pseudomonas from spreading in the human population. Explain the advice doctors should be given to prevent the spread of the new strain. [6 marks [Show More]

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