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Chapter 14 - Search and Rescue Questions with answers. Graded A+

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Which is a common basis for making assignments when organizing teams for a large building search? - Ans-Stairway locations Which area is the first search priority? - Ans-The area immediately around... the fire Adult fire victims are often found: - Ans-near a door. What is the correct procedure during a left-hand room search? - Ans-The left hand maintains contact with the wall. How did the original vent-enter-search method differ from conventional search and rescue? - Ans-It was often performed before any hose lines were deployed. Which is correct procedure during an O-VEIS operation? - Ans-The door of the search room is closed as soon as possible. When is a secondary search performed? - Ans-After the fire has been suppressed What is a distinguishing feature of the oriented search method? - Ans-The officer remains outside the room being searched. Which search method is primarily useful for residential fires? - Ans-Standard The one-person walking assist is best suited for victims who are: - Ans-capable of walking. The two-person chair carry is particularly useful: - Ans-in narrow corridors. [Show More]

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