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NR-565 Week 5 Grand Rounds Presentation Part 1: Chronic Bronchitis

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Requirements: In Week 5, you will create a PowerPoint presentation on a primary care problem that is assigned to you by your professor. The PowerPoint presentation should be narrated using the K... altura media application.   Please refer to the “How to use Kaltura” recording below. If you have technical issues, please contact your faculty or Tech Support. Make sure you click on the Screen & Webcam box to record in Kaltura.  Present a fictional patient with the assigned medical condition to address all of the following: Describe the most commonly prescribed drugs for the assigned condition. Provide evidence by sharing clinical guidelines, research articles, or other scholarly materials to support your findings. Identify barriers to practice or issues related to the condition and the use of pharmacologic treatment, including potential issues related to cultural diversity and healthcare literacy Describe the expected outcomes for medication management, including expectations for follow up care.   5. The overall presentation must meet the following requirements: Time: between 8-12 minutes total and no more than 15 slides Citations should be provided at the bottom of slides A full reference list should … in APA format on the final slide. 6. Additionally, you will create five (5) multiple choice questions derived from your presentation content. Include the questions on a slide in your presentation, but DO NOT provide the answers. Instead, you will provide the answers to these by submitting a Word Document attachment using the paperclip on the week 5 discussion board (as shown below). 7. The PowerPoint presentation and questions are due by Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 5. 8. In Week 6, you will again post your Kaltura presentation to the weekly discussion board, without the answers to the questions. To better facilitate a robust discussion, your presentation will need to be posted by Monday 11:59 p.m. MT at the start of Week 6. [Show More]

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