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Community Health Chapter 16. Review Questions with accurate answers. Rated A+

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Which of the following groups of children is at the highest risk to have poor health? a. African American children living in a suburb b. Asian children living in an outer urban area c. Hispanic ... children living in the inner city d. White children living in a rural area - ANS: C Significant disparities persist in health status of white children versus children of color. However, children living in suburban areas and most outer urban areas experience superior access to health services compared with children living in rural areas and inner cities, especially if they are poor. What proportion of U.S. citizens are children? a. 12% b. 16% c. 20% d. 24% - ANS: D In 2011, there were 73.9 million U.S. children under the age of 18 years. Children represent about 24% of the country's population, down from a peak of 36% at the end of the mid-1960's baby boom. Which of the following actions should be taken by a typical community preparing for the expected demographic changes in the United States? a. Build more elementary schools b. Build more high schools c. Build more colleges d. Build more adult condominiums - ANS: D The number of children will increase, but the proportion of children as compared with adults has been decreasing since the mid-1960s. Consequently, more housing for adults is needed. If most students have no intention of ever leaving their local community, which of the following languages should be chosen as the required foreign language in high school? a. French, as it is a very romantic language b. German, because many of the students' names are German c. Latin, as it is the basis for many other languages d. Spanish, to improve employment opportunities - ANS: D By 2050, Hispanic children as a percentage of the population are expected to grow to 39%, up from 24% in 2011. The percentage of children who are Hispanic has increased faster than that of any other racial or ethnic group. More immigrants speak Spanish, and care providers need to give culturally appropriate care. Speaking Spanish would be helpful. Because of these reasons, it would be most appropriate for Spanish to be selected as the required foreign language. Speaking French, German, or Latin would not be as practical as being able to speak Spanish. Which of the following best describes why infant mortality rate is used as an international comparison of a country's health status? a. Every country, regardless of other priorities, focuses on care of infants and their mothers. b. It is easy to obtain and compare such data. c. It reflects medical care quality and access and public health practice. d. The World Health Organization requires these data be reported to them each year. - ANS: C It is an important marker because it is related to several factors, including maternal health, medical care quality and access, socioeconomic conditions, and public health practices. Infant mortality reflects the health and welfare of an entire community and is used as a broad indicator of health care and health status. Which of the following statements best describes how the United States compares with other countries on infant mortality rate? a. Best of all the industrialized nations b. About in the middle of the industrialized nations c. Near the bottom of the industrialized nations d. Gradually improving among the industrialized nations - ANS: C The United States ranks a dismal 27th in infant mortality behind most other industrialized nations, including Japan, Sweden, Spain, Hong Kong, Italy, France, and Canada. Fifty years ago, the United States ranked 12th. The gap in infant mortality between the United States and other nations has occurred in spite of the United States' comparatively high per capita spending on health care and technological advancements. A school nurse at a high school suggests that all students have an educational unit on newborn care in their required health class. Which of the following provides the best rationale for this suggestion? a. Because all adults should be knowledgeable in basic child care b. Because the first year of life is the most hazardous until old age c. To help convince students not to engage in sexual intercourse d. To demonstrate the incredible responsibilities in parenthood - ANS: B The first year of life is the most hazardous until the age of 65 years. Many parents, often out of ignorance, do intentional acts that were not meant to injure or kill the child. Many new parents feel unprepared to care for a newborn and lack knowledge of normal growth and development. Newborn education would not help convince adolescents not to engage in sexual intercourse. Although this education may show the responsibilities associated with parenthood and is important for all adults to have, the purpose of the education is to prevent injuries and accidents among the infant population. Which of the following indicators would be most informative in assessing the health of a newborn? a. Apgar score at birth b. Birth weight and length of gestation c. Mother's education and income from employment d. When the mother began prenatal care at her local clinic - ANS: B Birth weight and length of gestation are the most important predictors of infant health. Although maternal education, income, and lack of prenatal factors are factors associated with preterm birth and low birth weight, at the time of birth it is most important to assess the weight of the infant and length of gestation. Using the Apgar score at birth is not as informative of a tool for assessing newborn health as the birth weight and length of gestation. A woman vows to quit smoking and drinking immediately upon the surprising news that she is 2 months pregnant. Which of the following concerns would the nurse have for this woman? a. Those with whom she shares living quarters might smoke or drink. b. Fetal damage may already have occurred. c. Peers may encourage her to resume old habits, and peer pressure is very strong. d. She won't be able to keep her vow. - ANS: B The fetus can suffer damage very early in pregnancy, even before a woman knows she is pregnant. A nurse is caring for a woman, who has just found out she is pregnant. The woman begins crying and says, "But I'm not trying to get pregnant!" Should this response by the woman be concerning to the nurse? a. No, because women may not consciously be aware of an unconscious desire to be a mother b. No, because about half of all pregnancies in the United States are unintended c. No, because she admitted having unprotected sexual intercourse d. Yes, because pregnancy can usually be avoided by appropriate precautions - ANS: B This response should not surprise the nurse because approximately half of pregnancies in the United States are unintended. Thus, it is important that women have good preconception health throughout their reproductive years to help ensure optimal fetal health and development should pregnancy occur. A woman confides in the nurse that she and her husband want to become parents as soon as possible. Which of the following statements would be the best reply from the nurse? a. "Ask some young parents if you can babysit for a while to get in practice." [Show More]

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