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NUR 2356 / NUR2356 Multidimensional Care I (MDC I) - Exam 1 Review 1. Stages of Therapeutic Communication -Pre-interaction -Orientation -Working -Termination 2. Pre-interaction phase ... - phase is established even before you meet the client - begin establishing communication by gathering information about the client, but the nurse and client do not have direct communication. 3. Orientation phase - begins when you meet the client and introduce yourself and your role in the relationship. - goal is to establish rapport and trust through the use of verbal and nonverbal communication. 4. Working phase - The bulk of therapeutic communication occurs in this phase - the nurse communicates caring, the patient expresses thoughts and feelings, mutual respect is maintained, and honest verbal and nonverbal expression occurs. 5. Termination phase - The conclusion of the relationship, whether at the end of the nurse's shift or on the client's discharge from the unit, facility, or service. - Reviewing and summarizing help to bring the relationship to a comfortable conclusion. 6. The 5 key characteristics of therapeutic communication -empathy -respect -genuineness -concreteness -confrontation 7. Name ways to enhance therapeutic communication -Active listening -Establishing trust -Being assertive -Restating, clarifying, and validating messages -Interpreting body language and sharing -observations -Exploring issues -Using silence -Summarizing the conversation -Process recordings [Show More]

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