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NUR 2356 / NUR2356 Multidimensional Care I (MDC I) Exam 2 Review. Rasmusssen College

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1. What is a function of the musculoskeletal system? -Assist with movement 2. As a nurse you know that during aging, a normal musculoskeletal change would be? -A patient that came to the cli... nic with kyphotic posture 3. What is a proper intervention for a patient with kyphosis after musculoskeletal surgery? -Should be placed as a priority and auscultate lung sounds 4. T/F: A patient with kyphosis doesn't have any high-risk. -False 5. Immobility can cause what type of musculoskeletal damage? -Foot drop (drop foot; difficulty lifting the front of the foot; the front of the foot may drag when patient is walking) 6. When the patient can perform the motion independently it is called _______________. -AROM (active range of motion) 7. A patient with a rotator cuff injury may need what treatment? -Steroids 8. Place in order from most important to least important to reduce infection risk: -Dressing changes with aseptic technique --> Monitor vital signs --> Antibiotic administration --> Wound irrigation 9. Immobility has a high-risk for which of the following? -Kidney stones -constipation (reduced peristalsis) -atelectasis, and DVTs mm [Show More]

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