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NURS NCLEX-ATI MedSurg Exams_Combined A and B- complete 2022-2023

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A nurse is caring for a client who is having a seizure. Which of the following interventions in the nurse’s priority? Turn the client to the side A nurse is caring for a group of clients. The nu... rse should plan to make a referral to physical therapy for which of the following clients? A client who is receiving preoperative teaching for a right knew arthroplasty A nurse is reviewing the health record of a client who is scheduled for allergy skin testing. The nurse should postpone the testing and report to the provider which of the following findings? Current medications A home health nurse is assigned to a client who was recently discharged from a rehabilitation center after experiencing a right- hemispheric stroke. Which of the following neurologic deficits should the nurse expect to find when assessing the client? (SATA) Visual spatial deficits Left hemianopsia One-sided neglect A nurse is caring for a client who is 12 hr postoperative following a total hip arthroplasty. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? Place a pillow between the client’s legs A nurse is preparing to admit a client who has dysphagia. The nurse should plan to place which of the following items at the client’s bedside table? Suction machine A nurse is planning teaching for a client who has bladder cancer and is to undergo a cutaneous diversion procedure to establish a ureterostomy. Which of the following statements should the nurse include in the teaching? CONTINUED..... [Show More]

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