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NRNP 6531 Week 6 Midterm Exam(latest 2021)

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Angie is a new NP who just finished her FNP program. She is having a difficult time finding an FNP position in the rural area where she lives. So, since she was an ER nurse prior to her graduate pro... gram she decides to go back to the ER as an APRN. Does she meet the competency requirements for such a position? *A . Ye s B. No What is the main reason for using the REALM-SF instrument to evaluate health literacy? a. It assesses numeracy skills. b. It enhances patient–provider communication. *c . It evaluates medical word recognition. d. It measures technology knowledge. A small, rural hospital is part of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and is designated as a Level 1 ACO. What is part of this designation? *a . Bonuses based on achievement of benchmarks b. Care coordination for chronic diseases c. Standards for minimum cash reserves d. Strict requirements for financial reporting Question 4 The Consensus Model identifies 3 core courses that all ANPs must take. All the following are Advanced core courses except: *A . Public Health B. Physiology C. Pharmacology D. Physical Assessment The care provided by APRNs is not limited by setting but by patient care needs. *True False Which is the most appropriate research design for a Level III research study? a. Epidemiological studies b. Experimental design *c . Qualitative studies d. Randomized clinical trials What was an important finding of the Advisory Board survey of 2014 about primary care preferences of patients? a. Associations with area hospitals b. Costs of ambulatory care *c . Ease of access to care d. The ratio of providers to patients To reduce adverse events associated with care transitions, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service have implemented which policy? a. Mandates for communication among primary caregivers and hospitalists b. Penalties for failure to perform medication reconciliations at time of discharge *c . Reduction of payments for patients readmitted within 30 days after discharge d. Requirements for written discharge [Show More]

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