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NURSING NUR2571- PN II Exam I-with verified answers and rationales-2022

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The nurse is educating a group of older adults about screening for colorectal cancer. Which statement by a group member indicates the need for further clarification about these guidelines? Correct ... • “I will need to have a routine colonoscopy every 5 years.” The 2015 guidelines indicate that routine screening with colonoscopy is performed every 10 years, not every 5 years.Other options are performed at 5-year intervals. A barium enema every 5 years is a screening option. A flexible sigmoidoscopy and a “virtual” colonoscopy every 5 years are also acceptable for screening. A “virtual” colonoscopy or CT colonography is a noninvasive imaging procedure that takes multidimensional views of the entire colon. The nurse is assessing an alert client who had abdominal surgery yesterday. What method provides the most accurate data about resumption of peristalsis in the client? Correct • Asking the client whether he or she has passed flatus (gas) within the previous 12 to 24 hours. (p. 17) The best and most reliable method for assessing the return of peristalsis following abdominal surgery is the client’s report of passing flatus within the past 8 hours or stool within the past 12 hours.Although auscultation and counting the number of sounds was once a method of assessing for bowel activity, it is no longer considered the most effective method. Observing the abdomen is one method of examining a client’s abdomen, but it is not a reliable way to assess for resumption of activity after surgery. The nurse is assessing a client who comes to the emergency department with acute abdominal pain. The nurse notes a bulging, pulsating mass when inspecting the abdomen. Which action by the nurse is correct? CONTINUED........ [Show More]

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